Tango32 V4.18 Released

Bugs Fixed

  •     [TAN-222] - Loan transaction reversals with Creditor trans - reversals generate same GL trans
  •     [TAN-220] - Type mismatch when creating VEDA extract
  •     [TAN-219] - Add better field validation errors for New Client Wizard


  •     [TAN-218] - Re-assign Process to have Process as at Date
  •     [TAN-216] - Optional Change to Arrears for LOC accounts
  •     [TAN-215] - Change image saving to remove leading characters
  •     [TAN-163] - Ability to save a form letter to the document library on generation
  •     [TAN-140] - Prevent debit accounts from going negative
  •     [TAN-135] - Expand width of Postcode and Postal and Residential addresses