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Phoenix - Version 3.30


  • [PHOEN-316] - Print Document button is broken
  • [PHOEN-319] - VSA Requires TLS 1.2
  • [PHOEN-320] - Do Not Export Zero Value Component field not exporting at all


    • [PHOEN-317] - Add warning message for Account Definition Workflow Assignment
    • [PHOEN-318] - Improvements to Credit Bureau Definitions

    Phoenix - Version 3.28


    • [PHOEN-312] - Notice Offer to Purchase report date filter incorrect
    • [PHOEN-313] - Security costs not showing from account on Daybook report


    • [PHOEN-311] - Remember last used database
    • [PHOEN-314] - Add better exception tracking

    Phoenix - Version 3.26


    • [PHOEN-307] - Account Definition fails to run under certain circumstances


    • [PHOEN-303] - Fix ICE69 compile error in installer


    • [PHOEN-304] - Do not export zero value component flag
    • [PHOEN-306] - Clean up old files on login/startup
    • [PHOEN-308] - Add check for duplicate introducers in introducer wizard
    • [PHOEN-310] - Switch Credit Bureaus to use TLS 1.2