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Tango32 V4.19 Released

Release Notes - Tango - Version 4.19


  • [TAN-225] - Repayment schedule incorrect after drawdown on IO to PI accounts are broken
  • [TAN-227] - Expected Maturity Date function does not return a value
  • [TAN-228] - Loan Activity not reporting when Not Like utilise for Business code filter
  • [TAN-230] - Monthly Nominal Interest not being charged in last few months before maturity
  • [TAN-232] - Changing Classifications and Updating linked subledgers clears GL Dr
  • [TAN-240] - Interest rate update clears scheduled amount due
  • [TAN-241] - Improve Credit Card Expiry Validation
  • [TAN-243] - NET format customer statement splits over two pages when not necessary
  • [TAN-245] - Issue with repayments changing after a rate change or drawdown
  • [TAN-248] - Error in GetStatementKeywords
  • [TAN-249] - Regular Direct Debit displaying zeroon summary screen
  • [TAN-252] - Infinite Loop calculating interest on anniversary day account with 3 monthly interest cycle
  • [TAN-256] - Double Interest Charged during first month of Monthly Nominal and Simple Interest Accounts


  • [TAN-178] - Improvements to Loan Repayment Calculator
  • [TAN-226] - Add Classification filter to ClientSearch
  • [TAN-229] - Add tango version number to REST scripts when generated
  • [TAN-233] - Unit Testing Subsystem allows simple scripts to guarantee integrity of system.
  • [TAN-234] - Cascading Classifications values
  • [TAN-235] - Remove ODI rate ambiguity in prompts for ODI rate.
  • [TAN-236] - Add Business Code filter to client search form
  • [TAN-237] - Ability to run Adhoc queries as part of the Monthly Interest run
  • [TAN-238] - Create Customer Statement by payment due date from and to
  • [TAN-239] - Option to set Final Payment to be net balance and exclude accrued interest
  • [TAN-244] - Add New Guarantor Name Fieldsto Form Letters
  • [TAN-246] - Allow monthly subledgers to be processed even if "Defer Interest Until" date is set
  • [TAN-247] - New output format for Statement output to CSV
  • [TAN-250] - Function to return value from table/columnName
  • [TAN-257] - Add "StopInterestAfter" to Tango Import API

Tango32 V4.18 Released

Bugs Fixed

  •     [TAN-222] - Loan transaction reversals with Creditor trans - reversals generate same GL trans
  •     [TAN-220] - Type mismatch when creating VEDA extract
  •     [TAN-219] - Add better field validation errors for New Client Wizard


  •     [TAN-218] - Re-assign Process to have Process as at Date
  •     [TAN-216] - Optional Change to Arrears for LOC accounts
  •     [TAN-215] - Change image saving to remove leading characters
  •     [TAN-163] - Ability to save a form letter to the document library on generation
  •     [TAN-140] - Prevent debit accounts from going negative
  •     [TAN-135] - Expand width of Postcode and Postal and Residential addresses

Tango32 V4.17 Released

Bugs Fixed

  •     [TAN-214] - ODI charged via subledger as debit not appearing on Receipt allocation Rep
  •     [TAN-213] - VOID transactions display incorrect warning message with large voids
  •     [TAN-211] - Unable to create VOID transactions using API Stored Procedure
  •     [TAN-209] - Cannot select loan from search form when borrower has "No Correspondence" enabled


  •     [TAN-212] - Expose Override Bank Account Details in XML API
  •     [TAN-210] - Add Import/Export Format for NZ Banking
  •     [TAN-207] - Allow entry of "Arrangement Amount" as part of a diary reminder which relates to an arrears arrangement
  •     [TAN-166] - Direct debit for credit cards now split into valid and error batch
  •     [TAN-159] - Changes to footer of Receipt Allocation Report
  •     [TAN-146] - Increase length of GP3 field from 2 characters to 40 characters
  •     [TAN-122] - Enhancement to Investment Statement to include Logo
  •     [TAN-79] - New Export Format for Bulk Statement run (csv)

Tango32 V4.16 Released

Bugs Fixed

  •     [TAN-206] - Error Printing form letter when "Display before printing" is not ticked.
  •     [TAN-205] - IV Customer Statement does not allow an empty statement to be generated
  •     [TAN-203] - Error when credit card type set to empty value
  •     [TAN-202] - Classification fields not being set in Wizard. Cannot be set on active account
  •     [TAN-201] - Error with CheckSecuritySetting
  •     [TAN-156] - Asset Register Report - YTD Depreciation incorrect in July of a Leap Year


  •     [TAN-165] - Add bit flag on Form Letters to allow No Correspondence override
  •     [TAN-161] - Add Void Transactions for IV_Transactions

Version 4.15 Released

Bugs Fixed

  •     [TAN-200] - Creditor batches will not export
  •     [TAN-199] - VOID payments not generating subledger history
  •     [TAN-198] - Add bitmap filetype to image select window
  •     [TAN-133] - Add flag to formletters to filter based on account type