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Version 4.15 Released

Bugs Fixed

  •     [TAN-200] - Creditor batches will not export
  •     [TAN-199] - VOID payments not generating subledger history
  •     [TAN-198] - Add bitmap filetype to image select window
  •     [TAN-133] - Add flag to formletters to filter based on account type

Tango32 V4.14 Released

Bugs Fixed

  •     [TAN-196] - Null BSB or Bank or Branch info causes Transaction Receipt/Deposit listing to fail
  •     [TAN-193] - Incorrect rounding of GST on sub ledgers applied to residuals
  •     [TAN-191] - Residual Value not showing at bottom of schedule
  •     [TAN-189] - Defer Payments in DD Screen out by one day
  •     [TAN-188] - Statement Output Format does not save on Customer Statement Form
  •     [TAN-187] - Copy Business Code Doesn't Migrate some columns
  •     [TAN-182] - ODI Grace Period Calculation out by one day
  •     [TAN-180] - Repair schedule adding entry prior to first due date
  •     [TAN-177] - Positive reporting not correctly excluding defaults
  •     [TAN-176] - Duplicate batch created when process Pay Creditors executed
  •     [TAN-175] - Imports and Exports not working - For Cardfast, Eselect and RBC
  •     [TAN-174] - Error exporting Pay Creditor Transactions
  •     [TAN-167] - Error Importing Form Letters
  •     [TAN-160] - Improvements to Batch Processing to allow higher volume of transactions to be posted concurrently
  •     [TAN-158] - Error in Export_Repayments_STGCreditCard CreditCard Expiry should not contain "/"
  •     [TAN-157] - Leading Zero on Credit Card Expiry not stored or displayed when viewed
  •     [TAN-155] - Weekly Fortnightly DD payments not updating on the correct date after rate change or drawdown
  •     [TAN-150] - Process button on Invitation disabled if any invitation not fully accepted
  •     [TAN-139] - Rate change at start of period should generate smoothed interest
  •     [TAN-93]  - Annual Fee Charging 1 month past anniversary


  •     [TAN-197] - Show Creditor Account# on Classification and linked Subledgers
  •     [TAN-195] - Add Max Days in arrears to Current Month Calls report
  •     [TAN-194] - Improve email address validation
  •     [TAN-184] - Anniversary day interest run to process any missed accounts
  •     [TAN-179] - New function GetNumberConsecutivePayments
  •     [TAN-173] - Add Option to show BPay information on Customer Statement Footer
  •     [TAN-172] - Direct Debit process for Credit card to be restricted by Card type
  •     [TAN-168] - Add batch total to information displayed in Held batches
  •     [TAN-162] - Default file upload - separate process for VEDA Credit Bureau
  •     [TAN-154] - Use shell open on AdHocQueries to improve usability
  •     [TAN-153] - New option for variations which start on the last day of a 30 day month and should not fall due on day 31 next month
  •     [TAN-144] - Movement of funds when Settling and discharging
  •     [TAN-138] - Add addtional fields to IV Form Letters
  •     [TAN-137] - Add additional fields to invitation formletter source
  •     [TAN-134] - Allow Voids on all FM_Transactions
  •     [TAN-125] - Use default program open instead of Internet explorer when opening form letters
  •     [TAN-107] - Syndicated Statement - Invitation Amount/Accepted amount
  •     [TAN-106] - Invitation to Invest - auto set Max Anticipated Drawdown
  •     [TAN-103] - Investment Discharge and Swap Report - Add Primary Investor name
  •     [TAN-90]  - Allow Searching by Security address
  •     [TAN-10]  - Is Like on Business code for reports: Completed Loans, Loan Activity, Receipt Allocation

Tango32 V4.13 Released

Bugs fixed

  •     [TAN-87] - Error when generating direct debit when a loan has multiple Clients, one of which is not a main borrower.
  •     [TAN-93] - Annual Fee Charging 1 month past anniversary
  •     [TAN-98] - 'Account' button on Investment Transaction entry opens wizard and not Account Search
  •     [TAN-111] - Unticking 'Direct Debit' causes crash on save when 'autopay' enabled
  •     [TAN-114] - Direct Debit Varation not ordering with active on top
  •     [TAN-115] - FormLetters RecordSourceName Limits to 18 characters when adding New Letters using Access Runtime 2000
  •     [TAN-116] - After a rate change, Interest Only Repayments in Repayment Schedule Incorrect
  •     [TAN-118] - Clicking "Exclude Completed" on Investment funding form causes exception
  •     [TAN-120] - Discharge - incorrect repayment updated - incorrect pro rata amount
  •     [TAN-123] - Error "You must set the FROM date on or after this date" when changing interest rate on loan account
  •     [TAN-126] - "Exclude completed accounts" ignored when using the wildcard on the Client Search form
  •     [TAN-127] - Double Click on Document in Document library causes Tango to Crash
  •     [TAN-128] - Accounts imported from Phoenix with Residual - incorrect residual and number of payments
  •     [TAN-129] - Other Accounts - When adding creditor via wizard - Responsibility Type set to "I" instead of "C"
  •     [TAN-131] - Interest rate change does not create pro rata scheduled entry
  •     [TAN-141] - Linked Investments - Allocation incorrect in Projection report for first allocation - new account
  •     [TAN-143] - invitation Description won't allow more than 1 character - on existing loan
  •     [TAN-145] - Incorrect repayment after draw-down and rate change when out of date order
  •     [TAN-147] - Possible issue with allocation of funds on linked investment account.
  •     [TAN-148] - Error with function dbo.GetTerm when a residual value is supplied.
  •     [TAN-149] - Investments: Manual payments of interest - second payment not generating entry in Payments table
  •     [TAN-151] - Linked Investments - Allocation Issue for Swaps.
  •     [TAN-152] - Interest transaction generated to Investors without Loan Interest


  •     [TAN-78] - Prevent Credit accounts from going negative - debit balance
  •     [TAN-89] - New Loan Security Formletters
  •     [TAN-94] - Print Funding Renewal - Syndicated statement
  •     [TAN-101] - Other accounts - Description field - increase length of field
  •     [TAN-104] - Partial Discharge - 1 Month Penalty interest to Discharged Investors - Paid by Mortgage holder
  •     [TAN-105] - Document Library - Order by newest to oldest
  •     [TAN-112] - Add index to IV_Transactions.TransactionTypeID
  •     [TAN-113] - Extend FormLetterName to allow 100 characters
  •     [TAN-117] - Use default program open instead of Internet explorer when opening files from Document Library
  •     [TAN-124] - Always show two decimal places for HighInterestRate/LowInterestRate on Select_InvitationFormLetters
  •     [TAN-132] - Improvements to Process_New_Investments
  •     [TAN-142] - Add the ability to Remove documents from Library

Tango32 V4.12 Released


  • Bug            TAN-54    Repayment Variations not applied properly via API    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Bug            TAN-68    Connection not disposed properly on logoff under certain circumstances    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Bug            TAN-74    Doubling of IC transaction on Payout of Investment - 2 main investors    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Bug            TAN-76    Interest run may be generating Variations on accounts from Imported data    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Bug            TAN-80    Change in ongoing fee Subledger doesn't flow to DD screen    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Bug            TAN-86    Interest rate change cleared repayment schedule amount due    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Bug            TAN-96    Partial Swap not creating remainder entries in Funding details    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Bug            TAN-97    Direct Credit process - Crashes Tango    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Bug            TAN-99    Interest credit generated by Loan Payment picks up wrong loan client    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Bug            TAN-100    Same Investors twice on Funding details - not combining    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Bug            TAN-108    Rate and Drawdowns affecting first payment incorrectly    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Bug            TAN-73    DD schedule not updating for IO loans after rate change    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Bug            TAN-81    Repayment not affected by Drawdown in period drawdown applied    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Bug            TAN-83    Allocation not occuring when payment posted for Linked Investments    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Bug            TAN-56    Balance showing incorrectly with Drawdown    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Bug            TAN-63    RBC file export issue - Canada DD export    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Bug            TAN-71    Invalid Column 'isMissing'    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Bug            TAN-72    Cannot process Invitation - Live Tango_Eclipse    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Bug            TAN-75    Expired variations not sorted to bottom of listing    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Bug            TAN-82    Additonal Veda Positive Reporting changes    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Bug            TAN-95    Tango Crashes when Funding details- Invested amount dble clicked for Mngment fee    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Bug            TAN-110    Picking up incorrect information for borrowers and Guarantors    Neil Ennis    Resolved


  • Improvement    TAN-57    Pro rata Interest in Period of rate or drawdown - Linked Loan Investments    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Improvement    TAN-67    Document Library - change from Diary entry    Neil Ennis    Resolved

                    NOTE. There is a new document library tab on loans and investments which allows you to create a "Library" and store documents (PDF, DOC, RTF, JPG, etc) against loans.
                    You need to create a new public shared library folder which is accessible to all Tango users (Similar to the Form Letters folder)
                    You can drag / drop or import existing documents into the library.

  • Improvement    TAN-84    Investment Invitations using formletters    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Improvement    TAN-88    Alterations to VEDA Positive Reporting    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Improvement    TAN-36    Add monthly fees to Interest Only Scheduled entries    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Improvement    TAN-45    Improve Table Function dbo.GetNextVariationDirectDebit    Lachlan Ennis    Resolved
  • Improvement    TAN-50    API - Add GETAll for Classifications    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Improvement    TAN-39    Swap Processing Report    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Improvement    TAN-46    Diary entry and Log entries should be flagged with User and not DBO    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Improvement    TAN-47    Dishonour Payment import - ABC    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Improvement    TAN-48    Add Direct Debit or Payment method label for better visibility    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Improvement    TAN-49    Ability to delete an unprocessed invitation    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Improvement    TAN-51    Funding form - Display rate on label - rate to be calculated as described    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Improvement    TAN-52    Changes to Loan Funding form - Set rate editable    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Improvement    TAN-53    Linked Investment Discharge Process    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Improvement    TAN-55    Dishonoured Credit Card Payment Import     Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Improvement    TAN-58    Changes to Loan Investment Invitation    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Improvement    TAN-60    Sort Funding form by Investor and then by Date    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Improvement    TAN-61    Ability to set Subaccount on Unallocated or Unlinked account    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Improvement    TAN-62    Restrict Available Export formats available    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Improvement    TAN-65    Implement corrections for Veda positive reporting    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Improvement    TAN-66    Use Index to Improve load performance of Funding form    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Improvement    TAN-69    Minor change to Swap and Discharge process - Completion and Start date    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Improvement    TAN-85    Add ContractualMinimumAmountDueAsAt to API    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Improvement    TAN-109    Reverse order of document display in Document library tab    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Improvement    TAN-43    Withholding Tax Rate - Ability to Store 2nd Rate    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Improvement    TAN-44    Add Indexes to Optimise Performance    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Improvement    TAN-59    Add warning when adding a drawdown for an account in advance, suggest redraw    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Improvement    TAN-70    Change SP Get_Borrowers_Of_Loan to not use a cursor    Neil Ennis    Resolved
  • Improvement    TAN-77    Adjust Transaction narratives to remove leading new line and white space characters    Neil Ennis    Resolved

Tango32 V4.11 Released

19 May 2015



  • Fix calculation of next due date when account is in advance and arrears have been set to calculate from the as at date rather than the day after.
  • P & I Report should ignore "Disable Arrears" settings
  • (Tango / Tan-40) Monthly Chargeable subledgers were appearing in PI report twice
  •  Fix NULL value when exporting loan payments to creditors
  • When reversing a payout, clear disposal settings on any assets disposed as part of the original payout
  • Loan Direct debits now checks creditor available funds if paying via Creditor
  • Fix problem where rate change causes new direct debit amount to appear one month early for variations
  • Fix bug which un-smoothed repayment amounts during rate change on IO loans with smoothed repayments
  • Fix first payment amount for interest in advance loans with common anniversary day
  • Rate change on interest only in advance was starting one day too late in schedule
  • Fix incorrect calculation of unallocated Principal, Interest and Charges on the receipt allocation report.
  • Fix Formatted Postal Address in Form Letters
  • Fix Drawdowns and Credits so that they generate interest adjustments when entered prior to last interest run date
  • Fix criteria for a repayment appearing in schedule as being "Inertia" related
  • Fix incorrect minimum dd amount on variation screen
  • Fix "value too large for integer" error for subledgers with results larger than about 275,000 that require rounding.
  • Removing a subledger that affects repayment amounts from an active loan will now reduce repayment amounts on that loan.
  • Fix selection logic which incorrectly excluded accounts which started after the FROM date of the VEDA report.
  • Fix Set Focus error when trying to display consolidated DD summary
  • Consumer Credit Payout Quote - fix Insurance Rebate issues when run via Access 2012.


  • Add a second "related creditor" link to Business Codes.
  • Add suffixes for automatically generated Sub-Accounts, Related Accounts, and Related Creditors.
  • New direct debit interface for ACH (USA)
  • The system log now records each time direct debits are generated.
  • Added "Classification 7" to Clients.
  • Added "Classification 8" to Investment Accounts.
  • When generating correspondence, override the "No Correspondence" flag for Principal Borrowers, who should always be contacted.
  • New option for leases to to deduct arrears from finance-based payouts
  • Add account range to ACRA / VEDA export for testing purposes
  • New "Interim" and "Ongoing" direct debit variation facility.
  • (Tango / TAN-12) Add Clustered Index to FM_DirectDebitVariations on LoanAccountNumber
  • (Tango / TAN-13) Add extra fields to fm_directdebitvariations: WhoEntered, DateEntered, WhoUpdated, DateUpdated
  • (Tango / TAN-5) Add "Annual Fee" and "ongoing amount" to Regular DD



  • Improve the selection criteria which determines whether an investor should be included in an Invitation to Invest.
  • Fix duplicate Investment Payments when there were multiple 'IO' transaction types defined for different business codes
  • Fix null investor client name appearing when no individual contact is entered for the client
  • Fix selection criteria on Cheques and Remittances report


  • Add a new "Unallocated Funds Holding Account" for investments that are linked to loans.
  • "Investment Swap" facility which allows you to swap in/out investors to an investment-funded mortgage.
  • (Tango / TAN-38) Projected Interest report for Linked Investors no includes Pro rata adjustments for swapped in / out investors.
  • Add Remittances and Cheques to Processing Menu