Account Management


Tango32 Loan Management System, When Reliability Is Essential.

Compliance, Performance, Productivity.

Expert1 has three Loan Management Software solutions:

  • Tango 32
  • Tango 32 - Online Collections System
  • Expert1 Enterprise

Supported Lending and Investment Products

Debtor Accounts

  • Secured and Unsecured Personal Loans
  • Payday lending
  • Cheque Cashing
  • Invoice Discounting
  • Line of Credit
  • Mortgages
  • Rentals
  • Leasing
  • Linked Loans and Investments

Creditor Accounts
  • Investment at Call
  • Investment Term
  • Linked Investment and Loan Accounts


Tango 32 complies with current consumer lending legislation.


Tango 32 is a 100% Microsoft SQL Server system. 
Its Client-Server architecture means that all major calculations and processes are done on your server, not on workstations. 
You get a scalable system which grows with you. 
There are no complications as you get more customers, and more people needing to access your system.

Tango 32 can be deployed as a terminal services application. Reducing client configuration and management, whilst centralising upgrades. 

Technical Requirements:
SQL Server 2000
Access Runtime 2000 - Supplied within the install package.
WordView - Supplied within the install package. 


It interfaces with Expert 1 Enterprise and Phoenix Loan Origination receiving accepted loan applications, reducing data entry, errors and processing time.


Tango32 - Dataflow

Tango accepts data from a variety of different sources, including your bank, and web pages.
You don't have to enter as much data manually.
This helps you save time and money, and ensures the accuracy of your information.


All data within Tango 32 is easily accessible via our Ad-hoc reporting system.
All reports can be quickly converted into spreadsheets at the click of a button.
Create as many ad-hoc queries as you like. Get information from any part of the system.

Adhoc Query List

Tango32 - Ad Hoc Queries

Manipulate information from Tango using the your own spreadsheet program - such as MS-Excel.

Adhoc Excel Example

Tango32 - Ad Hoc Excel Example


The Tango 32 delinquency system uses flexible report sets that can be categorized and distributed amongst teams of collectors.

Use your best collectors to work on the most difficult accounts.
Set collection targets for your staff, and manage their progress.
Give them the tools they need to keep delinquencies to a minimum.

Delinquency Report List

Tango32 - Collections

Click on the thumbnail below to see more details of the Delinquency Report

Delinquency Report

Tango32 - Delinquency Report

All Tango Delinquency Reports are fully configurable.
You can tailor the report layouts to suit your needs.


Tango 32 links directly into MS-Word, and lets you send form letters to any or all of your clients.

It also has a form-letter to email facility to send correspondence to your clients via email where appropriate.

Form Letter Example

Tango32 - Correspondence Form Letter

Create as many mail-merged form letters as you like.
Email them to your clients, or print and post them.

Electronic Debits and Credits:

We Interface to the direct payment systems ofmany banks, Automatic Payment, BPAY, Post Billpay, and Credit Card processing. This makes it easy to collect money from your borrowers, and to pay your distributors as quickly as possible.

Banking Info

Tango32 - Electronic Debits and Credits

Interest Bearing, Interest Free, Interest Subsidised, Holdback

Tango 32 lets you easily handle interest bearing, and subsidised loans.
Accurately account for interest income, and holdback income on a loan-by-loan basis.

Customer Statement

Tango32 - Report


Tango 32 uses several different layers of security to allow you to control which loans your staff can see, and what information they have access to. It works hand-in-hand with your existing local domain. There’s no need to set up new users or issue new passwords. This makes it a breeze to grant access to someone who is already a known user on your domain. It also reduces the chances of fraud, since its impossible for users to share passwords. Tango 32 provides detailed auditing reports which show exactly what items were changed and by whom.

Branch Management

Tango32 - Branch Based Security

Click on the thumbnail below for more detail.

Security Report

Tango32 - System Security Log Audit

Tango32 - Online Collection System


  • Plugs Directly Into Tango
  • Customisable
  • Easy Management Of Collections
  • Generation Of Arrears Reports, Payout Quotes and Statements

The online collection system lets you outsource debt collections.
Collectors access a restricted view of the delinquency database using a secure web site.
This means collectors don't need to be in your office. Using the web interface lets collectors perform their tasks from anywhere: From home, from another city, even another country.
Each collector has their own portfolio of debts to collect, which you manage and monitor.

Click on the thumbnail below for more detail.

Tango Web Accounts

Tango32 - Ad Hoc Excel Example

Collectors can view the details of loan accounts, to assist them in managing outstanding debts.
Click on the thumbnail below for a more detailed view.

Tango Web Account Detail

Tango32 - Ad Hoc Excel Example

The Diary Reminder Section lets you set tasks for your collectors.
It allows them to record details of all interactions with borrowers.
You can track the performance of each collector, and monitor how a borrowers debt has been managed.

Click on the thumbnail below for more detail:

Tango Web Diary

Tango32 - Ad Hoc Excel Example

Manage repayment schedules.
Optionally reschedule debt repayments to obtain a favourable outcome on delinquent accounts.

Tango Web Payments

Tango32 - Ad Hoc Excel Example