Our software is updated frequently with new features and bug fixes. We are always looking to improve our sotware to make your life easier.


We have integrations with numerous payment providers, credit bureaus, and between our own products. Helping reduce your companies data entry and clerical work.


We have customers from all over the globe. Making our software tried and tested in a multitude of scenarios.


Our Phone and Email support are here to help. We also have self-help services, including a knowledge base to help solve your issues faster.

Document Management

Tango has a built in Document Management System to enable to storage and management of documents generated. Reducing the time taken to recall old documents for your staff.


Our REST based APIs allow for external integrations. Allowing your business drive automation.

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Latest News

News relating to Expert1’s Products and Services. For more information on our Account Origination and Management products visit our Product Pages. For updates and product downloads visit our downloads page.

Tango32 V4.71 Released

on August 12, 2022

Release notes - Tango - Version 4.71 Bug * TAN-1604 Error in XML Import: Update\_From\_XML:Invalid column name 'EngineNumber'. * TAN-1599 Possible issue with date showing as pmt update after when a rate change is processed * TAN-1598 Issues with Receipt allocation * TAN-1596 Error in Investment Statements * TAN-1588 Error during Tango Enterprise Interest run * TAN-1595 Arrears History shows Incorrect Days in Arrears when Debit Fee is reversed out in succeeding month * ENT-1865 Error posting drawdown during final period of IO Loan * TAN-1603 RAR Interest Paid incorrectly affected by reversal of payment from prior month * ENT-1882 Document library - Changing account# causes document to not be found Improvement * TAN-1601 Split Direct debit processing into separate batches based on User ID, Bank Account combination * TAN-1594 Expand email template description to 100 characters * TAN-1592 Expand column widths for FM\_Employers * TAN-1593 "Prevent Future Interest Charges" is being incorrectly set for IO-ADV accounts with multiple month first payments * ENT-1876 Debtor Customer Statements - Add IncludeWithTransactionsOnly flag * ENT-1880 Improve GL Batch Validation * ENT-1883 Improve Account# and Client# Validation * ENT-1899 - Clear security settings for blank control names New Feature * TAN-1589 Allow Creditor Form letters to use Date range from and to rather than As At Date * TAN-1590 Equifax Credit Reporting V3

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Phoenix - Version 3.79 Released

on July 21, 2022

Release notes - Phoenix - Version 3.79 Bug PHOEN-789 Error compiling screen plugin

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Phoenix - Version 3.78 Released

on July 19, 2022

Release notes - Phoenix - Version 3.78 Bug PHOEN-787 Exception adding new Motor Vehicle Security via Security Wizard PHOEN-783 Exception in ApplicationSearch PHOEN-782 Exception in Securities PHOEN-781 Exception opening supporting document Improvement PHOEN-786 Improvements to user ticket authorisation logic PHOEN-785 Improvement to Recent Files PHOEN-784 Improvements to Screen Management

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Phoenix - Version 3.77 Released

on June 17, 2022

Release notes - Phoenix - Version 3.77 Improvement PHOEN-779 Improvements to Application Search PHOEN-778 Additional columns on Application Search Form PHOEN-777 Report performance improvements

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