Our software is updated frequently with new features and bug fixes. We are always looking to improve our sotware to make your life easier.


We have integrations with numerous payment providers, credit bureaus, and between our own products. Helping reduce your companies data entry and clerical work.


We have customers from all over the globe. Making our software tried and tested in a multitude of scenarios.


Our Phone and Email support are here to help. We also have self-help services, including a knowledge base to help solve your issues faster.

Document Management

Tango has a built in Document Management System to enable to storage and management of documents generated. Reducing the time taken to recall old documents for your staff.


Our REST based APIs allow for external integrations. Allowing your business drive automation.

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Latest News

News relating to Expert1’s Products and Services. For more information on our Account Origination and Management products visit our Product Pages. For updates and product downloads visit our downloads page.

Tango Enterprise V4.89 Released

on April 15, 2024

Release notes - Tango Enterprise - 4.89 Improvement ENT-2379 Increase Debtor BusinessCode max length to 20 characters ENT-2380 Branches - Add ExternalReference column ENT-2385 Exception in Delinquency Management Reports ENT-2386 Current Delinquency - Predefined Column filters for elist ENT-2390 Improvements to Document Library Document Download/Upload ENT-2394 Add Collection Workflow Status ID to Arrears Buckets system table ENT-2395 Log changes to Configuration Tables ENT-2396 Add Collection Status to FM_ArrearsBuckets table

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Tango Enterprise V4.88 Released

on March 12, 2024

Release notes - Tango Enterprise - 4.88 Improvement ENT-2036 Update Setup Parameters - Trigger Reload of the values ENT-2137 Inform user when no clients linked to account set to receive correspondence ENT-2171 Investigate FormLetter “email now” disable based on client emails. ENT-2178 Creditor Interest Payments - BankID only set when Investment Payment table entry generated - need ability to update ENT-2285 Add Precedence INT column to FM/IV Responsibilities for use in calculating Joint Account Indicator

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Tango Enterprise V4.87 Released

on February 13, 2024

Release notes - Tango Enterprise - 4.87 Improvement ENT-2186 Add Error Procedure and Error Line Number to all XML import procedures ENT-2206 Improvements to Debtor Subledger Form ENT-2210 Improvements to XML Import ENT-2213 Debtor Statement Net format - Adjust footer size if summary isn’t shown ENT-2217 Refactor User Settings ENT-2219 System Log - Show Search Box by default ENT-2221 Improvements to ChangeOwnerToDBO ENT-2222 Improvements to Create_User ENT-2223 Debtor Batch List - Improve column captions/widths

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Phoenix - Version 3.91 Released

on January 23, 2024

Release notes - Phoenix - 3.91 Improvement PHOEN-868 Set main Real estate list items to non edit so only list values are possible. PHOEN-875 Vehicle Make to be list driven PHOEN-877 Minor Plugin changes to improve performance Bug PHOEN-869 Exception on Application Copy PHOEN-870 ApplicationTotals not updating correctly PHOEN-871 Exception in CreditBureauIndividual PHOEN-872 Improvements to Screen Control Cache PHOEN-874 Exception in Create Role PHOEN-876 Plugin Errors not shown on Login when cached

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