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Document Management

Tango has a built in Document Management System to enable to storage and management of documents generated. Reducing the time taken to recall old documents for your staff.


Our REST based APIs allow for external integrations. Allowing your business drive automation.

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Latest News

News relating to Expert1’s Products and Services. For more information on our Account Origination and Management products visit our Product Pages. For updates and product downloads visit our downloads page.

Tango32 V4.62 Released

on November 12, 2021

Release notes - Tango - Version 4.62 Bug * TAN-1502 Adhoc queries which use Google Charts fail for complex queries * TAN-1497 Arithmetic overflow when large balance involved in Payout quote calculation * TAN-1496 Interest only in Arrears - RV being dated the month prior to the last pmt * TAN-1493 FM\_loans\_Rest view performance very poor. * TAN-1488 Line of credit Percentage of net plus interest - not preserving overdue schedule entries when drawdown posted * TAN-1486 Investor Interest run deadlocks Improvement * TAN-1501 Add Classification9 to FM\_Loans\_REST * TAN-1494 Include clearing days for Available funds calc for Investors * TAN-1492 NEW SP Insert\_ClientFormLettersQueue * TAN-1491 Change description of Setting * TAN-1490 Add category to Settings * TAN-1489 Include Classification 7 in Client Search results - Enterprise only change * TAN-1487 Add Settlement Status description to view FM\_Loans\_By\_Client * TAN-1481 DB changes only - Add assigned employee column to FM\_Loans\_By\_Client and IV\_Accounts\_By\_Client * TAN-1480 New Settings category to better group settings * TAN-1479 New settings for Creditor Wizard - more settings * TAN-1403 Improvements to Import XML duplicate detection New Feature * TAN-1485 DB changes only - Add Workflow status to Creditor Search results * TAN-1484 DB changes only - Add Client Workflow description to Client search results * TAN-1483 DB changes only - New Client Workflow status * TAN-1415 PPSR Prototype

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Phoenix - Version 3.71 Released

on October 1, 2021

Release notes - Phoenix - Version 3.71 Bug PHOEN-749 Exception on Save PHOEN-746 Exception importing Account Definition PHOEN-742 Exception on Login Form PHOEN-741 Exception in Screen Control ClearControlCache PHOEN-739 Exceptions in BDM Editor PHOEN-738 Exception in OrganisationAddressEditor Improvement PHOEN-747 Better handle account calculator errors to report problems PHOEN-744 Enhancements to BDM Report and Application Search PHOEN-743 Improve Applicant name ordering on Edit Form and Dashboard New Feature PHOEN-748 Add ability to extract Application BDM as part of the application export processing

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Tango32 V4.61 Released

on September 20, 2021

Release notes - Tango - Version 4.61 Bug * TAN-1477 Repair schedule removing valid entries from Schedule * TAN-1476 Contrib mortgage interest run failing due to inclusion of specific accounts out of date sequence * TAN-1472 Update User\_Classification2FormLettersBase SP to return the AccountNumber * TAN-1470 Discounted Present value issues when SP Select\_Payout\_Quote used in a query - Asset XML causing differences * TAN-1469 Cannot enable Service broker * TAN-1467 Change Schedule not detecting IO for full term accounts correctly * TAN-1466 RV flag set to last std pmt amount and not final rv amount after change schedule * TAN-1465 Charges due does not update correctly on schedule change when account has fixed monthly fees * TAN-1464 Payout quote not passing AsAtdate through to subledger external function call * TAN-1463 VOID of discharge or partial where adj generated not voiding the clearing account transactions * TAN-1462 Duplicate principal reduction amount showing in Primary investment statement * TAN-1461 Incorrect Interest paid for swapped out account * TAN-1451 Null keywords are being added to FM\_Search table * TAN-1439 Regenerate Tango API REST Scripts * TAN-1437 Error in Update\_From\_XML * TAN-1422 Improve validation on Bank Account details used to export Direct Debits * TAN-1409 Variations ignored by repair schedule for Line of Credit repayment method * TAN-1383 Incorrect Interest on P & I Report when Account with monthly fees has multiple months between settlement and first payment Improvement * TAN-1474 Batch Category on FM\_HeldBatches - DB change only * TAN-1473 Adhoc query security - control who can run the query * TAN-1460 Separate settings to control pmt adjustment for Swap and discharges on contrib mortgages * TAN-1459 New setting to control interest in advance schedule entries for mid period adjustments * TAN-1458 Restrict transaction to Short description when transaction defined at the subledger level * TAN-1457 Add disabled bit column to FM\_DocumentLibraries * TAN-1456 Add Creditor Link to FM\_Classification4 table * TAN-1452 New FM\_Loan Column - InsurancePolicyStartDate * TAN-1403 Improvements to Import XML duplicate detection New Feature * TAN-1478 DB changes only - add assigned employee to search result for Debtor and creditor search * TAN-1475 AssignedEmployeeID to FM\_Clients, FM\_Loans and IV\_Accounts * TAN-1471 IV\_Businesscode new statement setting - CS\_PrintToLetterhead * TAN-1468 Classification 1 to 4 filters for Transaction Audit report * TAN-1454 New FM Classification 9 table - cascade link to higher classification and creditor link * TAN-1453 Creditor Business code - additional columns * TAN-1448 Single Search field * TAN-1432 Security Document library - Security and Assets \(DB changes only\) * TAN-1426 New Dr Classification table * TAN-1421 dbo.

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Phoenix - Version 3.70 Released

on September 9, 2021

Release notes - Phoenix - Version 3.70 Bug PHOEN-740 Export Processors double escaping certain characters

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