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We have integrations with numerous payment providers, credit bureaus, and between our own products. Helping reduce your companies data entry and clerical work.


We have customers from all over the globe. Making our software tried and tested in a multitude of scenarios.


Our Phone and Email support are here to help. We also have self-help services, including a knowledge base to help solve your issues faster.

Document Management

Tango has a built in Document Management System to enable to storage and management of documents generated. Reducing the time taken to recall old documents for your staff.


Our REST based APIs allow for external integrations. Allowing your business drive automation.

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Latest News

News relating to Expert1’s Products and Services. For more information on our Account Origination and Management products visit our Product Pages. For updates and product downloads visit our downloads page.

Tango32 V4.60 Released

on July 19, 2021

Release notes - Tango - Version 4.60 Bug * TAN-1450 Cannot generate creditor letter using SP as datasource * TAN-1449 Separate columns for Sundry Income and Bad Debt transactions on Completed Loans Report * TAN-1445 Processing Invitations uses the same ThreadID for Interest and Drawdown transactions. * TAN-1434 VOIDING Debtor or Creditor transactions causes duplicated voids on the GL transactions * TAN-1433 Possible disconnect when Enterprise and Tango run at same time * TAN-1431 Update to Defer Interest until date does not update Last interest run date under some circumstances * TAN-1430 Cannot set defer interest until date via calendar control only via manual date entry * TAN-1428 Changing Classification3 value clears Classification4 value * TAN-1424 Interest in Advance - Incorrect schedule update after drawdown and manual interest transaction * TAN-1423 Error when running Receipt allocation report * TAN-1420 Error "Invalid column name 'ID'.

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Phoenix - Version 3.67 Released

on June 28, 2021

Release notes - Phoenix - Version 3.67 Bug PHOEN-716 Exception in CreateApplicationWizard PHOEN-715 Exception in Screen Designer PHOEN-714 Exception in Send Email Wizard PHOEN-713 Exception in date edit PHOEN-712 Unable to correctly edit library controls PHOEN-707 Better validation of date in PhoenixAPI PHOEN-701 Exception in OrganisationAddressEditor PHOEN-680 Exception in CreditPolicyDecisionEditor Improvement PHOEN-710 Improvements to API securities validation PHOEN-709 Add deactivated grey highlighting to plugin list forms PHOEN-705 Improvements to Navigation

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Tango32 V4.59 Released

on May 31, 2021

Release notes - Tango - Version 4.59 Bug * TAN-1419 Some differences between payout amount shown on balance tab and payout quote * TAN-1418 Tango crashes when viewing the balance tab of a completed account * TAN-1413 Allow XML import to match Asset Item Type on either Item Code or Description * TAN-1412 Contrib mortgage - Investor statement incorrect after swap and auto interest adj for both swap in and out * TAN-1411 Contrib Mortgages - Older interest pmts can be missed when a discharge or swap occurs in a past period * TAN-1410 Posting a manual interest transaction to contrib account can cause additional allocation to investors of combined amounts.

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Phoenix - Version 3.66 Released

on May 20, 2021

Release notes - Phoenix - Version 3.66 Bug PHOEN-700 Exception on MainForm PHOEN-699 Exception in Account Definition Save when Account Period is Deleted PHOEN-698 Error when opening HEIC file PHOEN-697 Exception exporting Screen SQL PHOEN-696 Exception in Add Applicant Wizard PHOEN-694 Exception in Account Calculator when introducer changes under certain circumstances PHOEN-692 Error Deleting Applicant with Custom Fields PHOEN-691 Exception in Workflow Editor PHOEN-690 Exception in DateDifferenceEdit PHOEN-689 Exception in Account Calculator

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