Our software is updated frequently with new features and bug fixes. We are always looking to improve our sotware to make your life easier.


We have integrations with numerous payment providers, credit bureaus, and between our own products. Helping reduce your companies data entry and clerical work.


We have customers from all over the globe. Making our software tried and tested in a multitude of scenarios.


Our Phone and Email support are here to help. We also have self-help services, including a knowledge base to help solve your issues faster.

Document Management

Tango has a built in Document Management System to enable to storage and management of documents generated. Reducing the time taken to recall old documents for your staff.


Our REST based APIs allow for external integrations. Allowing your business drive automation.

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Latest News

News relating to Expert1’s Products and Services. For more information on our Account Origination and Management products visit our Product Pages. For updates and product downloads visit our downloads page.

Phoenix - Version 3.75 Released

on May 6, 2022

Release notes - Phoenix - Version 3.75 Bug PHOEN-774 Exception in Account Calculator Control PHOEN-773 Exception on Application Save PHOEN-772 Exception in RefreshUserNotifications PHOEN-769 Exception in CreateApplicationWizard PHOEN-768 Exception in application search PHOEN-758 Out of Memory Exception Improvement PHOEN-770 Improvement to report viewer

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Tango32 V4.68 Released

on May 4, 2022

Release notes - Tango - Version 4.68 Bug * TAN-1567 dbo.Select\_PaidInFull error when parameter not specified Improvement * TAN-1565 Flag Balloon pmts in Schedule \(BP\)

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Tango32 V4.67 Released

on April 20, 2022

Release notes - Tango - Version 4.67 Bug * TAN-1563 Interest adjustment generated when fees posted after monthly interest run on last day of month - adj incorrect * TAN-1562 YTD Balance not appearing on GL Reportwriter in some cases * TAN-1561 Contrib Quarterly Interest in advance - Pro rata 1st and last - smoothed repayment when no pro rata period - 1st pmt incocrrect * TAN-1560 Contrib in advance quarterly interest - 1st payment not calculating correct amount \* 3 * TAN-1552 Arrears does not adjust when penalty fee is reversed on LOC accounts Improvement * TAN-1564 New Parameter for Debtor Interest run to turn script run on and off New Feature * TAN-1559 Function to return LOC amount due based on Repayment Calc specified

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Tango32 V4.66 Released

on April 8, 2022

Release notes - Tango - Version 4.66 Bug * TAN-1558 Receipt allocation report shows incorrect holdback accrued in some situations * TAN-1557 Delinquency report fails with invalid column name error * TAN-1554 Interest run may fail with "Duplicate Key" error if it generates debits for Line of Credit accounts * TAN-1553 Interest in Advance - setting the incorrect date as the end of period date * TAN-1549 Incorrect RV for IO interest in Arrears - Contrib mortgages after invitation processing * TAN-1409 Variations ignored by repair schedule for Line of Credit repayment method Improvement * TAN-1550 Adjust dbo.

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