Phoenix - Version 3.03 Released

October 21, 2015


[PHOEN-89] - Sort Document Instructions on Document Edit Form Alphabetically

[PHOEN-90] - Document Designer start with fields collapsed

[PHOEN-92] - Sort Account Definitions Alphabetical in Quote Calculator

[PHOEN-93] - Print button doesn’t work on Application Screen

[PHOEN-99] - Add Title to Expert1 Designer Screen

[PHOEN-104] - Exception when reprocessing an application

[PHOEN-107] - New account type error

[PHOEN-109] - Applications with invalid lastopenenedbycontactid don’t show in search results

[PHOEN-110] - Escape invalid characters inside xmlhelper addattribute

[PHOEN-118] - Database upgrade failure to fetch upgrade file does not stop progress indicator