Phoenix - Version 3.04 Released

November 23, 2015


[PHOEN-111] - Select introducer first for quote calculator

[PHOEN-120] - Fix Application Status report

[PHOEN-122] - Fix Application missing when LastOpenedByContact is missing

[PHOEN-125] - Error when opening Account Definition

[PHOEN-130] - Library controls does not start collapsed and isn’t alphabetical

[PHOEN-131] - Account Calculator, calculator values should show aligned right

[PHOEN-132] - Add the GenerateAccountNumber control to the upgrade script

New Feature

[PHOEN-40] - Add flag to Notes for Internal/External


[PHOEN-108] - Introducer Organisation - ACN and ABN stored

[PHOEN-112] - Add New Counter to Account definition - Used for Document numbering

[PHOEN-114] - Confirm when disabling or enabling account type

[PHOEN-123] - Improvements to Open Applications Window

[PHOEN-126] - Move Income/Expense entry creation out of workflow code