Phoenix - Version 3.08 Released

February 12, 2016


[PHOEN-163 - Select new repayment frequency breaks calculator

[PHOEN-170] - Unhandled exception with Large search result.

[PHOEN-171] - Crash when opening multiple Account Definitions

[PHOEN-175] - Account Definition - Repayment Frequency Default doesn’t work

[PHOEN-178] - Error when Account Type not assigned to workflow

[PHOEN-179] - Screen editor will not allow components to be added

[PHOEN-180] - Workflow diagram does not update with new screen name

[PHOEN-184] - Error Compiling AccountDefinition/Credit Policy/Score Card with multi-line description

[PHOEN-186] - Rare Error on Login related to async loading


[PHOEN-138] - Add Calculation for LVR to Security Control

[PHOEN-151] - Scorecard and Credit Policy - Better visualisation and view of configuration

[PHOEN-161] - New Repayment frequency - End of Term and or Lump Sum

[PHOEN-169] - Improvements to Application Search

[PHOEN-176] - Screen Controls - Highlight new screen control in tree view when created

[PHOEN-181] - Workflow Editor - Screen order editor improvements

[PHOEN-182] - Screen Rule Editor - Add tree view

[PHOEN-183] - Document Editor - Fields section expand/collapse