Phoenix - Version 3.11 Released

April 28, 2016


[PHOEN-208] - Error Creating/Copying Workflow

[PHOEN-212] - Duplicate AssemblyGUID cause minor exceptions

[PHOEN-213] - Login showed as compiling a plugin when it had no code to compile

[PHOEN-214] - Account Terms - Term Frequency not showing values

[PHOEN-217] - Quote Calculator Updates LastOpened


[PHOEN-124] - New Standard Submitted Volume Report

[PHOEN-158] - Application Status and Day Book report - Grouping

[PHOEN-185] - Updating to .NET 4.5

[PHOEN-191] - Add AccountType to CRM_Contacts_AccountDefinitions_Codes

[PHOEN-201] - Security control changes

[PHOEN-207] - Improve Introducer Groups Editor

[PHOEN-215] - Additional DisplayTypes for AccountComponents