Phoenix - Version 3.12 Released

May 13, 2016


[PHOEN-195] - Add Workflow Editor prompt when deleting screen used in rule

[PHOEN-221] - DeferInterestUntilDate not being saved from Account Calculator

[PHOEN-225] - Days in Period varies between Calculator build and deploy

[PHOEN-228] - Account Definition disabled when build fails


[PHOEN-193] - Improvements to Login

[PHOEN-209] - Document counter improvements

[PHOEN-216] - Change Compile Code to output errors as list

[PHOEN-218] - Lists Editor - Order By Value

[PHOEN-222] - Change component date default value to today

[PHOEN-223] - Disable building rule package when it isn’t needed

[PHOEN-226] - AutoSave before export

[PHOEN-227] - Add Copy button to Search Form