Phoenix - Version 3.14 Released

December 4, 2015


[PHOEN-235] - Unhanded exception when closing under certain circumstances

[PHOEN-238] - Unhanded exception in Account Calculator

[PHOEN-239] - New applications have incorrect default term

[PHOEN-240] - Account definition editor won’t open when Attribute captions are null

[PHOEN-244] - Error when using Credit Bureau Individual Control with Credit Bureau Definition


[PHOEN-156] - Add ability to reprocess application to just before credit bureau

[PHOEN-173] - Move UserField Definitions from Control to AccountDefinition

[PHOEN-220] - Improve message for missing account types in application wizard

[PHOEN-236] - Add version number to setup file description

[PHOEN-241] - Login when the enter key is pressed when inside the password box

[PHOEN-242] - Add ability to Workflow Designer to link a state to an existing orphaned state

[PHOEN-243] - New Report to find Introducers with no Group