Phoenix - Version 3.20 Released

December 4, 2015


[PHOEN-282] - Cannot select Street type when Country is United States of America

[PHOEN-283] - Introducer wizard throw exception when no results in search

[PHOEN-285] - Exception when creating new Credit Bureau Definition

[PHOEN-287] - Compile Error List does not clear after successful compile

[PHOEN-290] - Error in ApplicationStatus Report when filtering by introducer

[PHOEN-291] - Search for showing “Copy” instead of locked by


[PHOEN-266] - Security Control - Single line address to be broken into Component entry

[PHOEN-267] - Security Valuation Section expanded and enhanced

[PHOEN-281] - Improvements to login caching

[PHOEN-288] - Improved Identification control

[PHOEN-289] - Security Control - Additional Fields