Phoenix - Version 3.32 Released

June 28, 2018


[PHOEN-322] - Credit Bureau Definition Field Mappings fail to update

[PHOEN-324] - VSA occupation field causes error when using ConsumerPlusCommercial

[PHOEN-325] - Unassigned Account Definition doesn’t databind properly

[PHOEN-326] - Searching Introducer wizard and clicking next will not open selected introducer

[PHOEN-327] - Account Calculator - Account Component Export Code not updating

[PHOEN-328] - Matched clients do not copy existing details when entering new applications

[PHOEN-330] - Unassigned workflow exception sent to exceptionless

[PHOEN-332] - Invalid cast exception on daybook report

[PHOEN-334] - Error in Applicant wizards

[PHOEN-335] - Exception when adding reference after removing it

[PHOEN-338] - Adjustment Wizard not displaying commercial applicants

[PHOEN-341] - Documents missing Assembly and Version GUID


[PHOEN-71] - Add warning to Print All for Documents

[PHOEN-113] - Add Account Type description to List form

[PHOEN-323] - Better error message when an database upgrade fails

[PHOEN-331] - Remove Default From/To Dates on Application Search

[PHOEN-333] - Improvements to API Validation

[PHOEN-337] - Add Equifax VSA to Credit assessment

[PHOEN-339] - Add logout to application menu

[PHOEN-340] - Speed up login by reducing unnecessary cached information