Phoenix - Version 3.40 Released

June 28, 2019


[PHOEN-370] - Account Component rounding is not applied automatically

[PHOEN-375] - When Changing Account type from Commercial to Consumer -reset Max Orgs to 0

[PHOEN-378] - Application Search - date from cannot be entered without first entering the date to

[PHOEN-379] - Applicant income entered as frequency other than monthly not converted to monthly figure on Capacity screen

[PHOEN-381] - Document alignment issues when new pdf template imported with different dimensions than A4

[PHOEN-382] - Exception in LivingExpenses copy

[PHOEN-384] - Object Reference Exception in Account Definition Editor

[PHOEN-385] - Exception in Document Editor

[PHOEN-391] - Object Reference Exception in Credit Bureau Individual Control


[PHOEN-386] - Migrate to .NET 4.6


[PHOEN-376] - Term editor changes

[PHOEN-380] - Colour coded difference for Completed and Cancelled

[PHOEN-387] - Add better short date format

[PHOEN-390] - Account Definitions - Warning when in use by accounts