Phoenix - Version 3.44 Released

January 15, 2020


[PHOEN-432] - Exception on login after changing plugin and logout

[PHOEN-437] - Screen rule running multiple times on actionkey button click

[PHOEN-439] - Account Definitions stopped working due to ActivatedTo

[PHOEN-441] - Valuer Wizard exception

[PHOEN-442] - Exception after code cleanup

New Feature

[PHOEN-414] - Export Supporting Documentation to Tango


[PHOEN-426] - Corporate Guarantors

[PHOEN-433] - User Fields Enhancements

[PHOEN-434] - Add Ability to set background color of account components

[PHOEN-435] - New Commercial Fields

[PHOEN-436] - Securities Editor - Real Estate populate drop down for Type/Relationship

[PHOEN-438] - Security Control Enhancements

[PHOEN-440] - Improvements to Screen Control Library Editor