Phoenix - Version 3.53 Released

July 17, 2020


[PHOEN-484] - Exception - when changing introducers and selecting a new account definition

[PHOEN-487] - Add Applicant Wizard flow issue

[PHOEN-488] - Introducer Wizard - changes to account definition ‘export code’ are not saved

[PHOEN-489] - Exception in PendApplicationWizard

[PHOEN-494] - Some notes created with blank user

[PHOEN-497] - Issues with Financial Analysis Calculations

[PHOEN-498] - BAS Analysis Calculations

[PHOEN-502] - Unable to remove applicant when minimum applicants 1 and only one joint applicant


[PHOEN-462] - Improvements to screen performance

[PHOEN-467] - Add audit trail for application workflow stage change

[PHOEN-483] - Checklist Improvements

[PHOEN-490] - Add loading indicator to Application Form

[PHOEN-491] - Improvements to Notes Control

[PHOEN-492] - Application dashboard improvements

[PHOEN-495] - Add Organisation Address Editor

[PHOEN-496] - Application Wizard improvements