Phoenix - Version 3.56 Released

July 31, 2020


[PHOEN-517] - Handle leak from Application Edit

[PHOEN-518] - Exception causing security codes form not to show

[PHOEN-519] - Issue in Application Edit close

[PHOEN-520] - Add Applicant Wizard - Exception when searching for an Individual Applicant

[PHOEN-521] - Application Edit - Unable to Change Account Definition

[PHOEN-522] - ABN Lookup - Do not populate GSTRegisteredDate when GSTExpiresDate is expired

[PHOEN-523] - Application Load - Error when no last opened user

[PHOEN-525] - Exception in RuleEditor

[PHOEN-526] - Exception in Remove Applicant Wizard

[PHOEN-528] - Add Applicant Wizard - organisation category not passed from ABN lookup

[PHOEN-533] - Exception in Financial Analysis

[PHOEN-535] - Application Edit scroll bar issues

[PHOEN-537] - Financial Analysis - Certain calculations are incorrect


[PHOEN-524] - Increase size of date created in notes

[PHOEN-527] - Min/Max Applicant changes

[PHOEN-531] - Remove note add, delete etc from navigation bar of notes gridview

[PHOEN-534] - Improvements to Add Applicant Wizard duplicate detection

[PHOEN-538] - Improve Performance of Account Calculator First Load