Phoenix - Version 3.59 Released

November 9, 2020


[PHOEN-374] - Issue opening msg file

[PHOEN-536] - Exception when Tools -> Application log is executed

[PHOEN-550] - Null Reference Exception in PendApplicationWizard

[PHOEN-551] - Exceptionless logging InvalidWorkflowException

[PHOEN-552] - Invalid Cast Exception on DataTransfer Open

[PHOEN-553] - New account type - build does not display calculator properly

[PHOEN-554] - Minor exception in Application Edit

[PHOEN-555] - Possible handle leak

[PHOEN-556] - Exception in SendEmailWizard

[PHOEN-557] - Exception opening account codes plugin

[PHOEN-560] - Main form caption issue

[PHOEN-563] - User fields in Other section of calculator duplicated when calculator run

[PHOEN-566] - Exception when closing options form after adding a new entry

[PHOEN-576] - Exception on View Address

[PHOEN-581] - Exception in CheckCapacity

New Feature

[PHOEN-562] - Improve login data caching

[PHOEN-564] - Workflow Documents - New bit flag “ShowInAPI”

[PHOEN-570] - Applicants - New fields for Trustee

[PHOEN-575] - Open SSMS from Cloud proxy status icon

[PHOEN-577] - Application Search - Auto refresh


[PHOEN-541] - Changes to Login to allow connection configuration

[PHOEN-559] - Add Application Wizard - Update contact ABN details when selecting existing contact

[PHOEN-565] - Account Definitions - Add 5 new user text field mappings

[PHOEN-572] - Reload User fields after workflow load finishes

[PHOEN-578] - Account Definitions - New setting ‘ShowInAPI’

[PHOEN-580] - Improvements to Supporting Documents