Phoenix - Version 3.60 Released

November 23, 2020


[PHOEN-583] - Error when logging into database with two workflows assigned to same role/accountdefinition

[PHOEN-584] - Login issue when multiple users of same name

[PHOEN-585] - Exception in PendApplicationWizard

[PHOEN-586] - Minor exception in Application Edit

[PHOEN-587] - Exception in Credit Bureau Control

[PHOEN-588] - Duplicate Account definitions shown for some Introducers

[PHOEN-591] - Handle leak from Application Edit

[PHOEN-594] - Plugin Cache not updated with new plugins

[PHOEN-595] - Exception in CancelApplicationWizard


[PHOEN-529] - Improvements to Assign Workflows

[PHOEN-530] - Improvements to Web Definitions

[PHOEN-592] - Improvements to List Editor