Phoenix - Version 3.62 Released

April 8, 2021


PHOEN-653 Exception in Export Application

PHOEN-645 Error creating new account definition

PHOEN-643 Layout Control Group name showing on Calculator

PHOEN-641 Applications submitted via the Portal do not show the Created by user in Phoenix

PHOEN-638 Exception when using Equity Editor

PHOEN-637 Investigate custom field control aliases clearing on screen rules

PHOEN-636 Decision Reason not populating on managed decision control

PHOEN-631 Custom fields - setting other control to custom settings after selecting custom field and then clicking on next control

PHOEN-628 Repayment Frequency - Lumpsum cannot be used - returning zero

PHOEN-627 No Alias for Organisation Applicant for new Custom field used

PHOEN-626 Exception when using Checkedit custom field

PHOEN-625 Workflow/Screen diagram preview window position issues

PHOEN-622 Exception in Screen Designer

PHOEN-620 Error updating roles

PHOEN-614 Increase max length of Stage column on ACO_Notes

PHOEN-613 Exception when trying to create a new application when Applicant or Guarantor details are accessed

PHOEN-612 Error when opening some documents for editing

PHOEN-606 Screen rules - Comparison dropdown only shows Equal

PHOEN-602 Exception in Address Editor Open Map Button

PHOEN-574 Login failures reported to exceptionless


PHOEN-655 Improvements to Export Control

PHOEN-654 Improvements to Import Processor performance

PHOEN-642 Add right clicking menus for Account Definition code editor to add in code snippets

PHOEN-640 Improvements to Workflow required fields editor

PHOEN-633 Custom Fields list form opens multiple times - show single form only

PHOEN-632 Sort Custom field listings by Custom Field name and not id.

PHOEN-630 Better error reporting for Rules in Screen/Workflow Editors

PHOEN-621 Extend Calculator Field Mappings to allow per field table and row definitions

PHOEN-619 Add System.Linq Imports to Plugins

PHOEN-611 Improvements to plugin build error navigation

PHOEN-610 Add Applicant Wizard - Increase visibility of Applicant category

PHOEN-609 New Custom Fields Structure

PHOEN-605 Improvements to Workflow Screen Required Fields

PHOEN-603 Improvements to Workflow Diagram Editor

PHOEN-590 Plugin prebuild/pre-compilation to speed up login

PHOEN-388 Improve validation in account definition to avoid build errors.

New Feature

PHOEN-652 Phoenix API - Match Contact when submitting New Application

PHOEN-649 Account Calculator - Hide Unused Groups

PHOEN-618 New Archived Bit on Account Definition