Phoenix - Version 3.66 Released

May 20, 2021

Release notes - Phoenix - Version 3.66


PHOEN-700 Exception on MainForm

PHOEN-699 Exception in Account Definition Save when Account Period is Deleted

PHOEN-698 Error when opening HEIC file

PHOEN-697 Exception exporting Screen SQL

PHOEN-696 Exception in Add Applicant Wizard

PHOEN-694 Exception in Account Calculator when introducer changes under certain circumstances

PHOEN-692 Error Deleting Applicant with Custom Fields

PHOEN-691 Exception in Workflow Editor

PHOEN-690 Exception in DateDifferenceEdit

PHOEN-689 Exception in Account Calculator

PHOEN-688 Exception in Introducer Wizard

PHOEN-687 Exception in Securities Editor

PHOEN-686 Exception in Email Templates Editor

PHOEN-683 Exception in Create Application Wizard

PHOEN-681 Search for possible match - should not be case sensitive

PHOEN-680 Exception in CreditPolicyDecisionEditor

PHOEN-673 Exception in Workflow Editor

PHOEN-672 Exception in Workflow StateEditor


PHOEN-695 Improvements to Export Control

PHOEN-685 Introducer list on Calculator - show Introducer - Introducer individual - Active/Disabled

PHOEN-682 Improvements to BusinessDataSetChanged error handling

PHOEN-678 Improve validation on Securities

PHOEN-674 Improvements to Application Lock

PHOEN-671 Improvements to Application Notes

PHOEN-670 Show more details when displaying possible contact matches

PHOEN-669 Application Dashboard Improvements

PHOEN-660 Modified Details changes for plugins

PHOEN-646 Improvements to Data Transfer Processors

PHOEN-275 Add/Migrate Web Definitions to Account Definitions

PHOEN-83 Improve Workflow/Screen import/export

New Feature

PHOEN-693 Report Changes - Disbursement Summary Commercial

PHOEN-675 Add function editor changes to Import Export processor