Version 3.80 Released (02 August 2010)

February 7, 2010


  • New facility for drawdowns to re-activate completed loans, and remove any completed entries from the repayment schedule.
  • Fix bug which showed incorrect arrears on loans which had been re-activated by a drawdown.
  • New facility to set a particular type of drawdown as the default type to use when entering a drawdown transaction.
  • Fixed infinite loop bug when posting drawdown transactions on interest in advance loans with non-monthly interest periods.
  • The “Import from table” facility now includes the option to add a value for the “General Purpose 2” field.
  • Fixed “SET OPTIONS HAVE CHANGED” cursor bug when creating a loan summary report on a SQL 2005 database.
  • Fixed calculation for number of days in arrears when a payment is partially paid.
  • Fixed bug in calculating the interest component of the arrears balance. Previously payments in advance were incorrectly allocated to interest in advance.
  • Loan Activity Report now includes loans that were reactivated by Drawdown transactions.
  • Payout Quotes done via form letter will now include any drawdowns as part of the payout quote calculation.
  • For interest deferred loans the repayment schedule now shows an additional information about the minimum monthly repayment necessary to pay the loan out during the interest free period.
  • Fixed “type mismatch” error when re-creating automated credit card transactions in some circumstances.