Version 3.81 Released(03 Aug 2010)

March 7, 2010


Fixed the “Invalid use of Null” error when displaying the repayment tab of a loan. Consumer Credit Payout Quotes now include subledgers charged at the completion of a loan. All payout quotes will ignore subledgers charged at completion of the Start / Stop month settings prevent that subledger being charged.


When defining drawdown types, there are new options to: 1. Allow new payments due share the same anniversary day as prior payments. 2. Post a rebate transaction to account for any new unearned income added to the account as a result of the additional payments.

Drawdowns enhanced to generate a repayment schedule for any loans that don’t have them at the time the drawdown is posted.

Form Letters. New merge fields: 1. <> shows the total value of drawdown transactions on the account since the account was opened. 2. <> shows the total amount outstanding on the account but ensures this amount will not exceed any payout quote.

New dynamic text facility. (See Setup / System Tables / Messages) This lets you dynamically control the content (and color) of some messages that are displayed on the loan form for such things as: 1. Variation Information 2. Interest Free repayment info 3. Altered direct debit and credit card information

New facility to prevent changes on active loans for Repayment Amounts Due or the Gross Interest. Previously these items were both locked. Now either of them can be locked without locking the other.

Direct Debits. Fixed bug which treated an account as being complete if it had been completed then re-activated by a drawdown.

Subledgers: 1. enhanced the “Start Term” and “Stop Term” settings to apply to subledgers based on the repayment amount of a loan. 2. Added a new “V” calculation method based on a percentage of the total amount advanced. 3. “At completion” subledgers will be included in any payout quotes for loans that have them.

Loan Activity Report. Optimized this report to iomprove performance.

Classification Codes: 1. New facility to create a hierarchy of classification codes. (See setup / System Tables / Classification1,2,3,4) 2. New facility to disable classification codes so they may not be used when entering new loans.

On the Loan form: 1. there is now a new “Total Advanced” field showing total drawdowns plus original amount advanced. 2. The “Arrears Details” subform now also shows the current payout quote for the loan as well.

Payout Quotes. Fixed bug when requesting a “Monthly Interest” type payout quote. (Implicit conversion from data type datetime to int is not allowed)

Investment System

New facility to rollover an existing investment into another existing investment account.