Version 3.83 Released (05 Aug 2010)

May 8, 2010


There is an option to allow loans to have interest charged to the account on the anniversary day of the loan rather than the last day of the month. This version ensures that interest charges will be charged on the correct day for interest-in-advance loans.

New subledger option for subledgers that are charged when a loan completes to only charge the subledger for writeoff transactions instead of for all loan-completion transactions such as payouts.

Minor adjustment to the layout of the credit card export data for “Secure Pay”

Fix bug with the anniversary day flag when creating new payments due after a drawdown.

There is now a new “Line of Credit” caclculation method which allows you to set a “Minimum repayment amount” and a “Percentage of balance” which must be repaid each month.

Fix bug which charged extra interest on a loan with “simple interest” calculation methods, when the loan was paid out n the dat that interest was due to be paid.

Loan Data-Entry Templates now have a “Data Source” which allows you to specify where a value can be copied from to save the user having to enter it into a template.

When using the API to insert drawdown transactions, the system will use the default transaction-subtype if it is enabled for a particular subtype.

When processing an interest run at the end of the month, the system will also process any loans that were supposed to be charged interest on their anniversary day, if that day occured prior to the end of the month, and interest had not yet been charged.

Fixed bug which set incorrect repayment frequency when extending repayment variations at the end of term of loans which were still in arrears.

Fixed bug with Principal / Interest report with arithmetic overflow error when projecting future balances on accounts with large gaps in repayment schedule.

Fixed bug with displaying and allowing changes to classification codes on the loan form.


Fixed bug which occasionally set the wrong balance of an investment when it was rolled over into an existing account.