Tango32 Version 3.87 Released

February 3, 2011

Sumary of changes:

The “Original Term” of a loan is now recorded for historical purposes.

New option to add the “Days of Grace” when working out the arrears balance in ODI calculations.

New “Discharge Date” and “Discharge Amount” on Loan Securities.

Loan LVR calculations now include “Scheduled” LVR which is based on the scheduled (as opposed to current / net) balance of the loan.

New logic to allow the calculation for new repayment amounts to be based on the Scheduled (as opposed to current / net) balance when drawing down additional funds from a loan.

New function to update the diary reminders when a drawdown affects the repayment amount of a loan.

Fixed bug with Loans that move into Inertia which created multiple schedule entries the first time the account moved into inertia.

Fixed bug where subledgers that were supposed to be charged in advance were not being charged when a loan activated.

New option in Setup / Parameters which forces recreation of “chg” entries from Special Charges when repairing accounts.

Fixed bug which incorrectly allocated payments against special charges when the account was past its maturity date.

Tightened data validation to ensure an interest rate change date does not occur prior to a “Defer Interest Until” date for deferred interest accounts.