Tango32 Version 3.89 Released

April 11, 2011


New option on subledgers “Include On Receipt Allocation Report” which will treat any transactions for this subledger as Holdback Income on the receipt allocation report.

Fixed bug when creating interest only repayment schedules to improve the accuracy of repayment amounts based on the number of days in a month.

Fixed inaccuracies in the “Projected Balance” fields on the loan form.

Fixed inaccuracies in ODI calculations which were based on the number of days in arrears.

Fixed inaccuracies in interest-only calculations on accounts where interest was charged on the anniversary day of the loan.

Fixed GL journal inaccuracy when posting a bad debt transaction on a flat cancellation.

When posting flat cancellations, prevent “Early Payout Fee” from being charged.

Modified Loan Summary Report to optionally include “Security Category”.

New Report: Fee Reconcilliation Report (Report/ Transactions / Fee Reconcilliation)