Tango32 Version 3.91 Released

August 11, 2011

Loans- Business Codes

A new option to specify the number of days after a rate change / interest run to schedule a new repayment calculation when the rate changes. You now have the ability to specify a different number of days for the interest-only and principal portions of a hybrid loan.

A new option to preserve any unpaid / overdue entries in the repayment schedule when changing the schedule.

A new option to charge all fees as “D” (Debit) transactions instead of “2” (Special Charge) transactions, and to have those debits affect the arrears balance of the loan.

The arrears details form will now also show outstanding fee balance for any debit fees applied to a loan.

Loans - ODI

Improved the accuracy of Overdue Interest Calculations on accounts where interest is charged on the Anniversary Day where days of grace are specified.

Loans - Repair Schedule

Fixed Infinite Lopp Bug, and incorrect allocation of special charges when repairing the schedule of a Line-of-Credit loan.

Completed Loans Report

Improved accuracy of report to ensure reversals of paid-in-full accounts net out the outstanding special charge balance on an account.

Loans - Principal / Interest & Projected Balance

Improved the accuracy of the Principal / Interest Report, and Projected Balance estimates for Interest Only accounts.

Fixed bug which did not take drawdowns into account when calculating a projected net balance.

Loans - Variable Rate / Drawdown

Improved the accuracy of repayment re-calculations when varying the rate or applying drawdowns to a loan.

Loans - Receipt Allocation Report

Improved the speed and accuracy of the receipt allocation report.

L#### oans - Extended direct debits

Fixed a bug when extending direct debits on accounts past their due-to-complete date, to ensure payments due on the day of the interest run are properly included

Loans - Mortgage Security

Add Unit / Lot Number to a security item.

Loans - Repayment Calculations

Improved accuracy of repayment calculations for large (> $1m) loans.

Loans - Transaction Entry

A new facility in Setup / Parameters / Loan-2 to restrict the transaction types allowed when manually entering transactions.


Improved Accuracy of projected interest charges on the Interest Schedule report.

Fixed bug on projected balance calculation which ignored transactions on the account dated after the last interest run.

Improved accuracy of Investment Payout Quote to match projected balance.