Tango32 Version 3.93 Released

November 16, 2011


Fixed interest balance projection for accounts where interest is paid to investor when due.

Fix interest projection report when account starts on the last day of an interest period

Modified payout quote on investments where interest is paid to investor rather than being capitalized. The interest credit and interest payment now both show on the payout quote.


Prevent changes to the “Outstanding Balance” field on the “Change Schedule” form.

Modified Statement Fee logic to use GL Debit from Business Code if one is not supplied on the subledger.

Added a “Do not solicit” flag to clients which can be referenced when generating form letters.

Modified system to store the Interest Only term for each hybrid loan rather than extracting this info generically from the Business Code. (This allows hybrid loans in the same business code to have different Interest Only terms.

New facility to display Projected Loan Balance based on History to date as well as Projected balance based on Schedule only.

Added a new “Subledger Type” table which allows classification of Subledgers for use in reporting.

New “Commission Statement” report to display upfront and trailing commissions for each loan per Introducer.

Fixed bug in recalculating repayments for Interest Only loans.

Modified “Days In Arrears” calculation to include penalty fees.

New calculation methods to specify how repayments should be calculated when the interest rate changes on a loan.

New logic to Lock the Repayment Schedule of Active Loans, but still allow changes via the “Change Schedule” form.

Changed logic on Interest only loans where the repayment schedule must be updated to match interest charges: This will now happen even when the repayment schedule on the account is locked.

Loans - Diary Reminders / Tasks

A new facility to tick a diary reminder so that it will appear in a new “Task List”.

New options under the client menu to display “My Tasks” and “All Tasks”.

Loan Repayment Schedules

Fix bug with due dates for loans that have interest charged on their Anniversary Day when the loan settles on the 30th of the month.

Loan Repayment Calculations

Improve accuracy of repayment calculations for large principal amounts (> $1m)

Loan Interest Calculations

Fix bug recalculating backdated interest when ODI was charged last interest run and it affects the balance

Ensure backdating transactions prior to first interest run generates an adjustment if required

Loan Receipt Allocation Report

Improve accuracy of allocation when account is paid ahead but still in arrears due to fees

Loan Delinquency Reports

New “Disable” flag to hide old reports from being displayed.

New format 12 delinquency report.

Fixed bug which didn’t show totals on some reports.

Investment Interest Calculations

When an investment is paid interest in frequencies other than monthly, ensure investment interest compounds on the last day of the period.

Investment Payouts

Investment Payouts now include balances from related sub-accounts.

Improve accuracy of payout quote of a sub account when the parent account is complete

Added validity check to ensure rollover transactions can’t predate the target investment.

Loan Repayments - Variable Rate

Fix bug when trying to change repayment schedules one month after settlement.

Loan Subledgers

Fix bug which caused excessive transactions when the same subledger is added to a loan more than once.

Fix bug which duplicated subledgers when browsing backwards and forwards between loans then clicking on the subledger tab.