Tango32 Version 3.94 Released

December 23, 2011


Modified Statement Fee charging option to use the DR GL Account from the Business Code of the loan being charged if the subledger for the fee does not have a DR GL Account.

New option on Business Codes to charge ODI as a debit, and to specify a related subledger.

New option on Delinquency Reporting System to specify a filter used to calculate totals used as a basis for percentages in the footer of the report.

New facility to add Loan Assets via XML from an external system such as Phoenix.

New facility to specify up to 5 related clients when adding a new Loan via XML from an external system such as Phoenix.

Improved accuracy of projections on the P&I Reduction Report, and Projected Net Balances - especially when a repayment includes a recurring charge such as GST.

New “Payway” Export Format for Direct Debit and Credit Card transactions.


Fixed inaccuracy in interest calculations when rolling over an ROI investment account.

Fixed inaccuracy in interest projection report.

Fixed rounding error in IV Payout Quote