Tango32 V3.95 Released

March 8, 2012


Enhanced Ad Hoc Query system to be able to import data


Fixed bug with API calls from external programs such as Phoenix which were creating incorrect repayment schedules for hybrid loans.

fixed bug with “Repair Schedule” when fees were scheduled to end of term of a loan.

Fixed “zero divide” error and incorrect handing of fees when they were charged advance on P&I report

Fixed problem with double up of “date due” in repayment schedule where a loan has several different repayment amounts

Fixed bug which updatied wrong schedule entries when adding a subledger to a loan.

Fixed bug in recalculation of loan totals for leases.

Improved schedule extension logic for drawdowns that reactivate loans

Improved accuracy of repayment calculations when drawing down on Interest Only Accounts.

Modified Direct debits export process to use “Transaction Description” as the transaction narrative

Add new payout method: A: Interest Paid In Advance

Changed logging system to include changes to client phone numbers in the log.

New facility to import external documents (PDF, DOC, RTF etc) into the diary reminders for a loan.

Modified Deli System to include penalty fees as part of the arears balance.

Modified logic for “Next Due Date” calculation to take into account penalty fees.

Fixed bug which caused arrears adjustments to cause incorrect payout quotes when using the discounted present value method


New Investment Rollover / Payout Wizard to automate the rollover process for investments

New Form Letter Printing Wizard for printing batches of form letters related to investment payouts / rollovers

Fix rounding issue when compounding interest over several months

Fix payout quote to include projected interest between last interest run and “as at date” of quote

Fixed bug in investment Balance projection report which was out one day on interest calcs which affected Payout Quotes

Improved order of payout / rollover transactions on Investment statements

Modified Direct Credit System to prevent Investment payouts generating direct credits

Fixed Monthly Investment Interest Process to correctly handle accounts imported from IBS where some EOM accounts don’t actually have interest credit at the end of the month.

Modified Commission Report to show Loan Balance & Interest Rate as at Period End Date

New HistoricBalanceAtMaturity keyword for form letters

Modified Setup / Parameters to use a separate numbering range when generating investment account#’s