Tango32 V3.96 Released

June 22, 2012


New options on Investment Business Codes to specify the default settings for the flags “Pay Interest When Due” and “Pay By Direct Debit”

Fix length of parameters when printing Rollover form letters using the printing wizard

Fix bug in Rollover Printing Wizard which was counting ROI accounts twice.

Added min/max term to Investment Issues and Series

New option on Investment Payout Quotes to ignore “Pay Interest When Due” flag so that the quote includes interest that would normally be paid to the investor instead of being capitalized.

New option in Setup Parameters to delay the processing of a new investment until the “As At” date of processing is on or after the start date of the investment.

New option in Setup Parameters to prevent posting of transactions to completed investments.

Fix bug which ommitted “Additional Funds” when using the Rollover Wizard to process non-ROI investments.

“Additional Principal” now appears on the report when new investments are activated.

Modified system to prevent posting of automatic IC / IP transactions after maturity date

Modified system to allow rolling of non-ROI accounts into ROI accounts.

Fixed bug with IV statements not showing interest on sub account unless main account had transactions on/after the interest date on the sub account.

Fix bug with incorrect interest schedule and projected balance on account where interest hasn’t been charged on an investment yet

Fix bug which incorrectly compounded interest on “Pay Interest When Due” accounts for payout quotes that spanned an interest boundary.

Fix rounding errors on IV payout quote


Classification5 (Dynamic Classification) now has new parameters:

@AsAtDate DATETIME    - the "As at date" of the calculation
@D1 INT            - days in arrears on the first day of the month
@D2 INT            - days in arrears on the "As at date"
@E1 DATETIME        - The "Effective Date of Default" of the loan
@B1 BIT            - Whether or not the loan is in default

Added a new subledger flag to include all scheduled future subledger charges in a Discounted Present Value payout quote.

Fix bug which caused an error because of a null “Due Date” when posting drawdowns which extend term of a loan.

Modified posting of VOID transactions to ensure they reverse out Subledger History as well,

New facility on the “Change Responsibility” screen to set a borrower to be the “Primary” borrower of a loan.

Improved performance / speed up special charges screen on a loan when there are no penalty debits.

Fix Interest Only loans which automatically adjust repayment amount where the loan starts on the first of the month. Previously, interest charged on the last day of the month was changing payment due on the first day of the same month. It should have been charging the payment due on the first day of the next month.

Fixed bug which made duplicate payments to linked investors when backdating interest on a loan.

Fix bug which caused “Void” transactions to hide other transactions entered on same day when Consolidation was enabled on a customer statement.

Fix bug with reversals not being correctly processed in linked investments.

Fix NULL error when getting totals for loans on the client form

Prevent overflows for unusually high balances when calculating yield rates.

Add “GeneralPurpose11” and “GeneralPurpose12” to the API to add new loans