Tango32 V3.97 Released

October 3, 2012


New Direct Debit Variation facility to allow finer control over regular and one-off direct debits.

New Fields to record Credit Bureau scoring information against a loan at the time of settlement.

Fixed bug in Receipt Allocation Report which didn’t pick up if an account hadfees if that account had not been charged a penalty. So accounts that had never been in arrears and weren’t charged an overdue fee weren’t showing account keeping fees on the report.

Modified Receipt Allocation Report to include non-chargeable up front subledgers if they’re marked to be included on the report.

Fix rounding error on type ‘C’ ODI calcs

Improve accuracy of “depreciation per month” calculation for Prime Cost assets.

Fix rounding issues with asset disposals.

Improved performance of “Client” / “Search” screen when a client had more than one loan


New option for investments to set a “Low Rate” interest rate when an investment has a low balance

Modified Rollover / Reinvestment logic when rolling over so that Issue rate on sub accounts should be set to zero.

Fixed a bug in the form letter Printing wizard. While the number of letters to be printed seemed correct, the actual letters printed included a letter for the ROI sub account. So for ROI accounts with sub accounts the wizard was printing two letters. For non ROI - sub accounts the wizard was only printing a single letter. This caused the counters to be incorrect when sub accounts were involved.

Modified interest logic to not generate interest credits if accrual balance is negative.

Increase the lebngth of the “user” field in Diary Notes.

Fix performance issues with Generating Direct Credits for investors

Modified Rollover / Re-Investment logic to show interest payment separate from payout transaction. Payout transactions on Investments now use the transaction description instead of just “Rollover”.

General Ledger

Fixed bug which used incorrect Financial year start / end date was in some rare cases.


New facility to specify whether or not an ad-hoc query can be used as the data source for a form letter.