Tango32 V 4.00 Released

November 9, 2012



Fix problem with zero hold back accrual in first month when forcing even hold back accruals and account doesn’t start on the first day of the month

Fix inaccuracy in “M” (Part Repayment) subledger calculation

Fix regular Direct Debit variation on IO loans

Fix Direct Debit Variation problem on variations prior to defer date

Fix double up of interest in Daily Interest Report for Interest In Advance accounts

Improved accuracy of “Change Schedule” function


Improve performance of monthly interest run

Improve performance when posting large batches of transactions

Add ABN (varchar(18)) and ACN (varchar(12)) to import XML

Allow Receipt Allocation Report to include non-chargeable accrual subledgers

New ability to exclude “DO NO SOLICIT” borrowers when printing bulk statements

More control over display of ABN, ACN, Credit License Number on statements.

##INVESTMENTS ###Fixes Prevent negative entries being written to the investment payments table. This was happening when the rollover wizard paid out ROI accounts and the interest was withdrawn

Fix problem with incorrect amount written to payment table when non-roi account pays out using wizard and withdraws all interest and part principal

Fix inaccurate payout interest when rolling over an account that has already had interest paid up to the maturity date

Fix problem generating direct credits on accounts with Null payment type