Tango32 V4.01 Released

December 18, 2012



fix string overflow error for direct debits with many conditions

Better error handling when Classification5 parameters are entered incorrectly

Fix interest calcs for Smoothed Interest Only loans in their first month

Fix “out-by-one” error on interest only offset days for non-smoothed IO loans

Fix balance error when repairing schedule

Fix direct debit variation problem with as at date prior to defer date

Fix direct debit variation problem where loan settles on last day of month and nominated date is on last day of short month

Fix bug with direct debit variation DD amount after interest rate change

Fix schedule generation on drawdowns which reactivate completed accounts

When deferring regular DD’s, use the deferred amount, not the NEXT amount due

Fix inaccuracies in asset register (out by 1 day, including whole month, etc)


Add LoanLimitInterestOutstanding, LoanLimitPayoutQuote, SpecialChgFYApplied, SpecialChgFYOutstanding, SpecialChgFYPaid keywords

add BSP Direct Debit import file type

Improve error reporting when posting batches via XML

If a variation is created it will now be flagged to run concurrently with the schedule, so that if there is a payment due on the monthly interest run and a variation is created it stops the payment from being picked up on the month end dd processing.



Prevent creation of duplicate investment payment when interest is rolled into new investment

If account pays out on the TO DATE, and rollvers are dated as at the NEXT day, then balance will no longer include the payout if the Account Summary is run as at the Payout Date.

Ensure IP comes after IC on IV Statement


Add option to pay investment payouts via direct credit

Add “Rollover Interest” to Rollver Request table

Improve logic for testing when a completed account actually got paid out

Change sequence of clients on IV statements (Main, then others, secondary sort by clientnumber)