Tango32 Version 4.02 Released

March 22, 2013



Fixed bug in drawdown module which created incorrect entries in the repayment schedule when the drawdown was supposed to extend the term of an existing loan.

Fix problem when variation is due on last day of 31 day month and loan settles on last day of 30 day month. This was causing incorrect dates in the variation schedule.

Fix spelling error in Payway Credit Card export.

Fix “out by one day” error on smoothed interest in advance loans in their final month. Previously the system was ignoring final (non-rv) interest amount and charging zero interest.

Fix inaccuracy with “C” type ODI not taking into account unaccrued interest.

Fix “Paid in full” report bug with wrong Unearned Income (UEI) figure showing when account had no UEI.

Fixed regular direct debit variation amount due on accounts where the nominated direct debit date was several days after the anniversary day, but before the last day of the month.

Fixed bug which didn’t charge fee for chargeable form letters when the letter was open for editing, and the system unsuccessfully tried to delete it.


The summary on the Direct Debit Variation form now includes details of future direct debit variations.

New columns for Loan Templates: “Div 1 is number of Payments” and “Sub 2 is Multiplied bu Sub 1”.

New option on Business Codes to hide the interest rate when printing statements.

Updated Customer Statement Form Security to include new controls.



Improved the Payout Quote and Rollover / Redemption Wizard to more accurately predict payout, interest and rollover amounts for accounts with & without ROI sub-accounts regardless of whether the new account started on the same or subsequent day as the payout.

Fixed Direct Credit Report which showed multiple lines for the same direct credit if an investment had multiple investors with multiple bank accounts.

Modified Investor Statement to exclude any interest payments / credit transactions where small amounts were rounded down to zero.

Fixed interest adjustment calculations on payouts to take into account the “High / Low” interest rates applicable on the account at the time.

Fixed formatting issue on “Opening Balance” in Investor Statements.


New option on Investment Business Codes to allow the generation of negative interest on accounts with negative balances. This effectively allows a deposit to go into overdraft and be charged interest on the outstanding balance.

When an investment is rolled over on a day for which interest has already been paid, this may generate an interest adjustment depending on the rollover settings. If it does, this adjustment will affect the total value of any direct credits generated for interest payments on that account.