Tango32 Version 4.03 Released

November 25, 2013


###Fixes Fixed intermittent error when importing loan transctions which cancelled the import when an error message was too long.

Fix bug which generated an incorrect regular direct debit amount after a loan had an interest rate change.

Fix precedence of global / business code settings for special charges when repairing schedule

Fix bug with ODI Calcs based on daily net balance when Interest is monthly nominal

Fix Receipt Alocation Report to handle From / To Dates which span more than one month

Fix out by one day error when calculating “Written Down Value” on assets

Modified “Principal and Interest Report” to correctly handly loans with interest free expiry dates


Loan Form: * New Transaction Summary Tab * New Credit Limit balances * Major performance improvamenents - form loads quicker. * Some data on the loan form is now calculated asynchronously, which prevents delays when displaying the form.

New facility to set up a direct debit which pays a loan by debiting an Investment / Creditor account

Added the ability to edit the “Security Types” system table via Setup / System Tables / Other System Tables / Security Types

New option to control whether or not a sublesdger is charged, based on the net balance of an account.

New ability to insert multiple related clients when importing from XML

New option on “Responsibilities” to specify that a contact should not receive any Correspondence

New ability to search for loans by: Responsibility, email, phone numbers

New ability to select which General Purpose field to search by. Previously you could only search by “General Purpose 8”.

The loans form now also shows Historical Arrears. This shows the arrears or advance position of the account for every month end since the account settled.

Limits and Drawdowns are now displayed on the Balance tab as well as Security tab

It’s now possible to select “Redraw transactions” on Transaction audit report

New ability for special charges to generate credior transactions, and supply Creditor ID when posting transactions

Add phone number 5 to Client XML Import

New option to export direct debit transactions in “PeopleHub” format

The Balance tab on the Loan form now shows * Total Payout figure * Net Balance + Outstanding ODI and Charges * Interest free balance when “interest free periods on drawdowns” is enabled

Setup/ Parameters * Configurable prompts for client phone numbers 1 to 4. * Option to enable interest free periods on drawdowns * Option to optionally prevent Lione of Credit accounts from being paid in advance * Configurable prompts for customer statement formats

Ability to specify Dr / Cr transactiion types on Subledgers, which controls the type of transactions generated in the Creditor system.

Business Codes: * Option to hide gross interest when displaying details of a loan. * Option to waive monthly interest lest than an specific amount. * Option to specify a global statement footer * Option to specify if Anniversary Day is based on Settlement or Instalment Date. * Option to create related investment account when creating new Loan. * Option to create a related sub account when creating a new loan account. * Option to add mandatory footer to Statements via business code * Option to allow an interest free period on debits applied to a loan. * Ability to charge interest every X days (instead of every X months)

New repayment calculation method for “Line of Credit” loans:

N/NULL = % of Net Balance
L      = % of Loan Limit
K      = % of Loan Credit Limit
C      = % of Client Credit Limit

New option on “Transction SubTypes” to specify months (as well as days) for period from drawdown to first repayment

New “Base Rate” for investments linked to loans.



Fix bug which created duplicate investor statements in some cases.


Ability to specify if an investment account can be used for management fees

Option to specify if an investment account can be used as a Funder.

Option to create a duplicate account when creating new investment via the wizard