Tango32 Version 4.05 Released

March 18, 2014

NOTE - This version includes updates from version 4.04 which was not publicly released.



If an account settles on the last day of the month and direct debits are deferred, the date of the next direct debit was incorrectly moving to the last day of the month of the deferment.

In some situations Regular & Variation Direct Debits were being selected even if the due date was outside the specified date range.

Data was imported incorrectly from PeopleHub transaction files.

Incorrect entries dated prior to the settlement date were being added to the interest rate schedule.

Some accounts were not correctly being selected as having variation direct debits.

Accounts were showing an incorrect interest bearing balance when the account balance reduced below zero.

Improve accuracy of Net Balance Projection when repayments have charges on them.

Fixed incorrect GL Accounts on Journals when refinancing a loan.

Fixed Receipt Allocation Report to exclude only include fees that are specifically flagged to appear on the report.

Top Introducer Report now shows Classification Description instead of ID.

Fix missing “Security” and “Insurance” tabs on Loans form.


Cash flow Report now includes Direct Debit transactions

Improve speed / performance of Direct Debit processing.

New flag to specify that a Variation Direct Debit “has precedence”. If set, the variation will cancel any other transactions due while it is active.

Loan Wizard now lets you enter a desired repayment amount, in which case it will calculate the desired term.

Loan Wizard will adjust the final payment on loans where term varies according to repayment

The Principal and Interest Report will no longer force the net balance to zero when projecting balances for one account. This makes it easier to see if the current repayment schedule will under-pay or over-pay the balance.

Loan transactions now record “Posted by user” and “Date Posted”.

New facility to add 3-letter initials to deli employees which allows deli reports to generate entries in a task list for collection staff.

New facility for In-Full subledgers to be processed when they are added to active loans.

New Minimum and Maximum Value options for subledgers.

New ability to change the text prompt for “Postcode” when entering address information.

New ability to import / export direct debit and payment information via the PaymentHub web service.

Transaction Batch Report now shows current repayment frequency for any repayment-type transactions.

Display an informational message if the loan is paid by debits to a creditor account

Add GeneralPurpose 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and Location & 2 to XML Import Interface

The consolidated direct debit summary now allows display of direct debit info for periods longer than a year

New “Pmt / Dishonor” button on the “Repayments” tab of the loan form shows a simple summary of repayments and dishonors

New “Consolidated DD Summary” button the “Repayments” tab of the loan form allows you to show consolidated direct debits for a loan.

New facilty to import dishonor information from “Peoplehub” system.

Added extra logging to show when the interest rate schedule is changed



All IV transactions now have a “Paid By Transaction ID” which links them to the transaction which paid them.

New form letter keywords: BonusRateAddition, IssuePlusBonusRate, InterestFrequencyDescription

Payout Quote now shows interest accrued to last interest run date rather than to the payout date.



The daily “User Default Job” now allows “Schedule Fees” to be charged to accounts.

New API function to allow selection of “Correspondence Only” borrowers for reports.