Tango32 Version 4.06 Released

June 23, 2014



Fix invalid repayment calculation method & inaccurate repayment calculations when processing drawdowns on Line-Of-Credit loans.

Fix incorrect “Joint Account Indicator” for Referee contacts.

Fix auto-increment on “Lot Numbers” when a loan has more than 10 securities.

Fix error in API which posted to incorrect GL accounts when debit transactions with charge codes were added via the API.

Fix incorrect security settings when an item is secured based on the “General Purpose 1” setting of the loan.


New “Export Log” tracks direct debit exports to help keep a record of which direct debit batches have been exported and processed, and to prevent duplicate exports.

Held Transaction Batches now show “Date Exported” in the list of batches.

New flexible “Arrears Buckets” allow finer control of the periods used for reporting arrears profiles on the arrears details screen.

New “Middle Name” field for clients.

New option for important diary reminders to display on a pop-up screen whenever a loan is opened.

New option to adjust arrears balance when it exceeds the net balance of the loan due to unusual interest charges or fees.

New “Funding Invitations” system to allow fund-raising for specific loans by inviting clients to invest. Loans that are part of the invitation process now have a new status of “Invitation” until they are fully funded.

New option to make Business Codes available as part of the fund-raising process to send out invitations to invest.

New option on Interest-Only Business Codes with smoothed monthly repayments to either smooth or pro-rata the first interest-only payment based on the number of days between settlement and first payment date.

Add “60 day arrears amount” to form letters.

Add “ClientType” to API when adding new clients via the API.

New import / export interface with PaymentHub online payment processing system.

New export interface with Payway online payment processing system.

New import formats for “EZDebit” payment processing system.

New facility to automatically charge weekly / fortnightly / monthly account keeping fees via a scheduled SQL Job.





New “Suggested Funding Invitation Amount” for investors to be used when sending funding invitations to potential investors.

New “Classification 6” flexible field with lookup values for Investment Accounts.

New option to allow selection of Form Letter Recipients based on Series and Issue numbers.





New interface to Amazon Web Services to allow secure Cloud-based backups of Tango databases, with a tracking system to monitor all backups currently in cloud storage.

New “Protected Schemas” facility allows you to name certain private schemas which will not be touched during Tango upgrades. Any schemas not “Protected” will have its ownership changed to “dbo”.