Tango32 V4.09 Released

December 12, 2014



Payout Quote should use AsAtDate when calculating “At Completion” subledgers

Don’t smooth out schedule in IO loans imported via XML

Fix Veda XML Export

Payment hub - fix incorrect payment reference when using non-consoidated batches

Fix incorrect schedule generated when posting initial drawdown to zero balance LOC account when drawdown is set to extend term

RepairSchedule now recreates schedule properly on LOC accounts

Fix error in projected maturity date

Improve report sequence on Transaction Audit Report


Add void status to Transaction Audit Report

EzDebit API Mods

External Source ID (API)

Refresh loan form after saving

Disable mouse scroll wheel in loans form

Prevent mouse scroll on clients form

Rearrange Borrowers tab on Loans form to show User Field 6



Disable mouse scroll in Investment Account Form


Improve usage of Clustered Indexes