Tango32 V4.10 Released

March 6, 2015



“Create Multiple Form letters” - Only exclude an account if all borrowers have “Do Not Solicit” =1. Previously skipped if only one borrower had “Do Not Solicit”=1. Also improved performance.

Fix error posting transaction via xml: “Error converting data type nvarchar to int.”

Fix BSB formatting error for EzDebit export.

Enforce unique Account# in FM_Loans

Internal API Function GetCSTransactionInfo - now handle nulls properly.

Internal API Function GetClientLoanAddress - Fix client long loan address problem with multiple accounts

In VEDA / ARCA Credit reporting: Fix DefaultStatusType, fix From / To Date Range to be no more than 24 months, exclude invalid drivers licence.

Fix repayment calc when Creating a schedule for a new loan which has a Deferred Interest Date on a Pro-rata Interest-Only loan.

Fix arrears days calculations when you don’t keep arrears balance / days after maturity

Prevent PaidByTransactionID from being set when transactions are posted after payment has been generated but not posted.

Right-Align “Available” on frmClients Loans tab.

Fix formatting of header labels on User#3 customer statement

Fix logo alignment on User3 customer statement

Fix alignment of signature message on final page of customer statements

Fix page numbering on User#2 and User#3 customer statements when printing for bulk accounts.


Add the ability to specify a default statement format whenever a customer statement is printed.

Add a new flag to the “Responsibilities” system table to specify which account holders should be included in a credit agency report.

New option to specify if a borrower should receive statements via email (note this option only applies for the Tango online system)

New “Drivers License Number” column for borrowers which removes the need to enter it via the “Identification Information” tab.

New option to include inertia related subledgers on new Inertia Allocation Report

New option to exclude business code from interest run

Processing a new loan will now always process sub-account as well.

Improve indexes on Loans table to speed up processing.

Discounted Present Value Payout Quotes now include penalty fees.

New option to Print Direct Debit Schedule

“Projected maturity date” on loans form is now calculated asynchronously to speed up the user interface.

Signature message appears on every customer statement page and calculates keywords.



Internal API Function GetClientsOfAccountTable - Fix “String or Binary Data Would Be Truncated” error

Fix management fee calculations

Loan Investment form: Fix error after tabbing out of Process As At Date.

Loan Investment form: Fix “nothing happens” error when clicking on save or process for a loan with a second invitation.


New ability on investment business codes to specify a naming convention when naming new accounts which might be created automatically by the system (sub accounts, reinvestment accounts, etc)

New options to specify “Cleared Funds” or “Clearing Days” on investment transactions. The option is set in the Transaction Types table.

New option to enforce PIN number before allowing Process of New Investment Invitations.

“Process invitations” now requires “As At” Date

New Projected Investment Income Report.

Show account name in loan -> investment funding details dropdown

Improve presentation of loan details when click “Invitations” button on Investor form

Invitations - allow search by Account# in dropdown list for new investors

Loan Investment form: Add date picker to Process As At Date



Allow searching Clients using “%” wildcard.

New Email Templates Table