Tango32 V4.12 Released

June 29, 2015


TAN-54 Repayment Variations not applied properly via API

TAN-68 Connection not disposed properly on logoff under certain circumstances

TAN-74 Doubling of IC transaction on Payout of Investment - 2 main investors

TAN-76 Interest run may be generating Variations on accounts from Imported data

TAN-80 Change in ongoing fee Subledger doesn’t flow to DD screen

TAN-86 Interest rate change cleared repayment schedule amount due

TAN-96 Partial Swap not creating remainder entries in Funding details

TAN-97 Direct Credit process - Crashes Tango

TAN-99 Interest credit generated by Loan Payment picks up wrong loan client

TAN-100 Same Investors twice on Funding details - not combining

TAN-108 Rate and Drawdowns affecting first payment incorrectly

TAN-73 DD schedule not updating for IO loans after rate change

TAN-81 Repayment not affected by Drawdown in period drawdown applied

TAN-83 Allocation not occuring when payment posted for Linked Investments

TAN-56 Balance showing incorrectly with Drawdown

TAN-63 RBC file export issue - Canada DD export

TAN-71 Invalid Column ‘isMissing’

TAN-72 Cannot process Invitation - Live Tango_Eclipse

TAN-75 Expired variations not sorted to bottom of listing

TAN-82 Additonal Veda Positive Reporting changes

TAN-95 Tango Crashes when Funding details- Invested amount dble clicked for Mngment fee

TAN-110 Picking up incorrect information for borrowers and Guarantors


TAN-57 Pro rata Interest in Period of rate or drawdown - Linked Loan Investments

TAN-67 Document Library - change from Diary entry

NOTE. There is a new document library tab on loans and investments which allows you to create a "Library" and store documents (PDF, DOC, RTF, JPG, etc) against loans.
You need to create a new public shared library folder which is accessible to all Tango users (Similar to the Form Letters folder)
You can drag / drop or import existing documents into the library.

TAN-84 Investment Invitations using formletters

TAN-88 Alterations to VEDA Positive Reporting

TAN-36 Add monthly fees to Interest Only Scheduled entries

TAN-45 Improve Table Function dbo.GetNextVariationDirectDebit

TAN-50 API - Add GETAll for Classifications

TAN-39 Swap Processing Report

TAN-46 Diary entry and Log entries should be flagged with User and not DBO

TAN-47 Dishonour Payment import - ABC

TAN-48 Add Direct Debit or Payment method label for better visibility

TAN-49 Ability to delete an unprocessed invitation

TAN-51 Funding form - Display rate on label - rate to be calculated as described

TAN-52 Changes to Loan Funding form - Set rate editable

TAN-53 Linked Investment Discharge Process

TAN-55 Dishonoured Credit Card Payment Import

TAN-58 Changes to Loan Investment Invitation

TAN-60 Sort Funding form by Investor and then by Date

TAN-61 Ability to set Subaccount on Unallocated or Unlinked account

TAN-62 Restrict Available Export formats available

TAN-65 Implement corrections for Veda positive reporting

TAN-66 Use Index to Improve load performance of Funding form

TAN-69 Minor change to Swap and Discharge process - Completion and Start date

TAN-85 Add ContractualMinimumAmountDueAsAt to API

TAN-109 Reverse order of document display in Document library tab

TAN-43 Withholding Tax Rate - Ability to Store 2nd Rate

TAN-44 Add Indexes to Optimise Performance

TAN-59 Add warning when adding a drawdown for an account in advance, suggest redraw

TAN-70 Change SP Get_Borrowers_Of_Loan to not use a cursor

TAN-77 Adjust Transaction narratives to remove leading new line and white space characters