Tango32 V4.14 Released

September 14, 2015

Bugs Fixed

[TAN-196] - Null BSB or Bank or Branch info causes Transaction Receipt/Deposit listing to fail

[TAN-193] - Incorrect rounding of GST on sub ledgers applied to residuals

[TAN-191] - Residual Value not showing at bottom of schedule

[TAN-189] - Defer Payments in DD Screen out by one day

[TAN-188] - Statement Output Format does not save on Customer Statement Form

[TAN-187] - Copy Business Code Doesn’t Migrate some columns

[TAN-182] - ODI Grace Period Calculation out by one day

[TAN-180] - Repair schedule adding entry prior to first due date

[TAN-177] - Positive reporting not correctly excluding defaults

[TAN-176] - Duplicate batch created when process Pay Creditors executed

[TAN-175] - Imports and Exports not working - For Cardfast, Eselect and RBC

[TAN-174] - Error exporting Pay Creditor Transactions

[TAN-167] - Error Importing Form Letters

[TAN-160] - Improvements to Batch Processing to allow higher volume of transactions to be posted concurrently

[TAN-158] - Error in Export_Repayments_STGCreditCard CreditCard Expiry should not contain “/”

[TAN-157] - Leading Zero on Credit Card Expiry not stored or displayed when viewed

[TAN-155] - Weekly Fortnightly DD payments not updating on the correct date after rate change or drawdown

[TAN-150] - Process button on Invitation disabled if any invitation not fully accepted

[TAN-139] - Rate change at start of period should generate smoothed interest

[TAN-93] - Annual Fee Charging 1 month past anniversary


[TAN-197] - Show Creditor Account# on Classification and linked Subledgers

[TAN-195] - Add Max Days in arrears to Current Month Calls report

[TAN-194] - Improve email address validation

[TAN-184] - Anniversary day interest run to process any missed accounts

[TAN-179] - New function GetNumberConsecutivePayments

[TAN-173] - Add Option to show BPay information on Customer Statement Footer

[TAN-172] - Direct Debit process for Credit card to be restricted by Card type

[TAN-168] - Add batch total to information displayed in Held batches

[TAN-162] - Default file upload - separate process for VEDA Credit Bureau

[TAN-154] - Use shell open on AdHocQueries to improve usability

[TAN-153] - New option for variations which start on the last day of a 30 day month and should not fall due on day 31 next month

[TAN-144] - Movement of funds when Settling and discharging

[TAN-138] - Add addtional fields to IV Form Letters

[TAN-137] - Add additional fields to invitation formletter source

[TAN-134] - Allow Voids on all FM_Transactions

[TAN-125] - Use default program open instead of Internet explorer when opening form letters

[TAN-107] - Syndicated Statement - Invitation Amount/Accepted amount

[TAN-106] - Invitation to Invest - auto set Max Anticipated Drawdown

[TAN-103] - Investment Discharge and Swap Report - Add Primary Investor name

[TAN-90] - Allow Searching by Security address

[TAN-10] - Is Like on Business code for reports: Completed Loans, Loan Activity, Receipt Allocation