Tango32 V4.17 Released

October 6, 2015

Bugs Fixed

[TAN-214] - ODI charged via subledger as debit not appearing on Receipt allocation Rep

[TAN-213] - VOID transactions display incorrect warning message with large voids

[TAN-211] - Unable to create VOID transactions using API Stored Procedure

[TAN-209] - Cannot select loan from search form when borrower has “No Correspondence” enabled


[TAN-212] - Expose Override Bank Account Details in XML API

[TAN-210] - Add Import/Export Format for NZ Banking

[TAN-207] - Allow entry of “Arrangement Amount” as part of a diary reminder which relates to an arrears arrangement

[TAN-166] - Direct debit for credit cards now split into valid and error batch

[TAN-159] - Changes to footer of Receipt Allocation Report

[TAN-146] - Increase length of GP3 field from 2 characters to 40 characters

[TAN-122] - Enhancement to Investment Statement to include Logo

[TAN-79] - New Export Format for Bulk Statement run (csv)