Tango32 V4.20 Released

February 15, 2016

NOTE. Currently the minimum server requirement to run Tango is SQL Server 2000.  We will 
soon change this to SQL Server 2008 so that we can take advantage of the more modern 
features of the newer version of SQL.  If you have an older version of SQL, Tango will 
display a warning message and ask you to contact us.  Please do not ignore this message.


[TAN-251] - Simple interest - double in first period

[TAN-261] - Deadlock Issues in high-intensity environment with many connections.

[TAN-267] - Issue with CC expiry date validation

[TAN-268] - Footer message for Statements persistent even after deletion

[TAN-277] - Add GrossSummaryTotal to Loan Statement CSV output

[TAN-280] - Recovery wizard not populating some fields from original account

[TAN-287] - Menu item “Libaries” spelt incorrectly

[TAN-288] - Receipt Allocation does not show fees for some accounts


[TAN-233] - Unit Testing Scripts

[TAN-254] - Formletter templates to be stored in database

[TAN-260] - Add menu option to view Export log

[TAN-264] - Display warning for any systems running on SQL2005 or earlier

[TAN-265] - Improvements to GetClientLoanAddress Function

[TAN-269] - REST API should create IV SubAccount when required

[TAN-272] - Improve formatting of dbo.GetClientNames function

[TAN-273] - Additional Fields for API

[TAN-274] - Charge interest as Special Charge type 2

[TAN-275] - Reversing payments on Same day when one split to Special PMT

[TAN-276] - Customer Statement Stored Procedure API

[TAN-278] - Add Classification Filters to Clients API

[TAN-281] - Payout quote on Accounts where interest charged as Type 2

[TAN-282] - Add SendStatementsViaEmail to Select_Formletters SP

[TAN-283] - Improvements to dbo.Update_From_XML API