Tango32 V4.21 Released

April 10, 2016


TAN-258 - Failed Import still creates client record

TAN-296 - Statement signature message incorrect arrears

TAN-299 - Error on Check for New Version

TAN-301 - Branch Copy not copying all information

TAN-303 - Diary Reminder Report Screen

TAN-319 - Incorrect Total Dr and Total Cr in CSV output of Statement


TAN-102 - Partial Discharges of Linked Investments - Check Available funds

TAN-178 - Loan Repayment Calculator / Quick Quote - restrict interest rate to two decimal places.

TAN-233 - Unit Testing Scripts

TAN-294 - Allow Customer Statements and Form Letters to filter by Logo associated with “Classification 3”

TAN-297 - Charge with Payment setting should include Payout transactions

TAN-302 - Diary Reminder Report Improvement

TAN-304 - Include ODI in Payouts over month end

TAN-309 - Add default value for OpenForEditing when editing Form Letter Definitions.

TAN-317 - When Interest charge are linked to a Subledger - ensure the interest narrative uses the Subledger Description

TAN-318 - Loan Summary Report to select by Business Code based on Historical (not current) Data

TAN-321 - New Simple Interest method based on closing monthly balance.

TAN-323 - Add a security log entry when a variation is deleted


TAN-320 Adjust GetArrearsBalance and GetArrearsBase functions to refer to “Adjust arrears when it exceeds the net balance” flag on Business Code

TAN-312 Create new “Interest Types” table to allow better description of Interest Methods for Investments

TAN-311 Add AccountHash Filter to Clients API

TAN-310 Investment SP to return the account details when passed an AccountNumber

TAN-308 Implement Client-based Notes and Tasks - DB only

TAN-307 Additional and Breakdown of held status

TAN-306 Duplicate settings on IV Diary reminders to match FM Diary reminders - DBonly

TAN-305 Add new “EmailTest” Security log Entry Type

TAN-298 Customer Statement SP improvements

TAN-293 Search to Use SP rather than in-line SQL