Tango32 V4.23 Released

May 23, 2016


TAN-299 - Fix error when checking for a new version

TAN-330 - Principal and Interest Report doesn’t include drawdowns and credit reductions

TAN-331 - Incorrect interest calculation when date range spans several months and there is a rate change in one month

TAN-333 - Unable to post payout transaction to account prior to “Defer Interest Until” date

TAN-336 - Error in creating debtor void transaction via API

TAN-338 - Creditor statements fail with error - Error Preparing IV Statement

TAN-341 - Issue with import from Phoenix and incorrect client being linked to account

TAN-342 - Cannot generate bulk Form Letters when Exclude Arrears less than option is set


TAN-178 - Improvements to Loan Repayment Calculator

TAN-294 - Statement and Formletter filter and logo merge for statements

TAN-327 - Direct Debit Due report

TAN-328 - “Account type” Filter on Loan Summary Report

TAN-329 - Modify Daily Job SP to be able to charge a monthly fee based on the anniversary day of the loan

TAN-332 - New Interest Method = % of Amount Financed

TAN-335 - Log Client email address changes