Tango32 V4.24 Released

July 4, 2016


TAN-364 XML Import matches on incorrect company when existing company client has no address details

TAN-363 Add clustered index to IV_HeldBatches

TAN-361 Improvements to Posting Transactions

TAN-358 REST API not linking client to automatically generated duplicates of IV_Accounts

TAN-352 Asset Register “Exclude accounts without depreciation rate” excludes detailed assets as well.

TAN-350 Custom Addressline2 - not setting the value on Client screen

TAN-348 Process_New_Investments improvements

TAN-346 Search SP fails when Column search using GP1 is selected

TAN-344 Month End Improvements

TAN-341 Issue with import from Phoenix and incorrect client being linked to account

TAN-330 Principal and Interest Report doesn’t include drawdowns and credit reductions


TAN-343 Delinquency reports limit account number display to 10 chars

TAN-224 LOC - Remove unpaid scheduled when balance goes from zero to credit

TAN-345 Search SP - add business code filter or new Search based on Business code

TAN-349 Change status of Creditors to Active when first transaction posted

TAN-351 Hide State where state is not needed

TAN-353 Cleared Funds bit and date