Tango32 V4.25 Released

August 10, 2016


[TAN-299] - Error on Check for New Version

[TAN-365] - Deadlocks during levels of intensive high system concurrency.

[TAN-366] - Adhoc query output misaligned when query contained Classification Description which included a linefeed character

[TAN-369] - GL Transactions with Null Reference or Narrative cause incorrect balances in report writer

[TAN-373] - Distinct DD variations generating consolidated amount

[TAN-384] - LOC accounts - final schedule removed in Interest run when balance < min

[TAN-375] - Incorrect interest charges showing on P&I (Use history) report when account has drawdowns.


[TAN-210] - Add Import/Export Format for NZ Banking

[TAN-233] - Unit Testing Scripts

[TAN-313] - New Arrears letters and Default letter processing - Form letter select

[TAN-347] - Canadian TU positive Reporting extract

[TAN-356] - Add GP 1 to Select criteria on Bulk Formletters

[TAN-360] - Add Entered by and date to GL Journal entries

[TAN-367] - Cleared Funds and Amounts displayed on Balance tab

[TAN-368] - Formletter filter based on Business Code Account type - Exclude or Restrict to

[TAN-370] - Add Client# to Loan Statement Header CSV file

[TAN-372] - Allow backdated payout quote on customer statement

[TAN-374] - Veda / ACRA Export to show address and DOB changes as corrections

[TAN-377] - New option to force installments to Last day of month

[TAN-382] - Other Accounts - Account Summary - Filter by Processing model

[TAN-386] - Incorrect YTD depreciation amount (out by 1 day) shown on Asset Register

[TAN-387] - Show label of whats held when individual options used

[TAN-388] - Clear unpaid schedules after zero balance - set last paid amount due to amount paid